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charles oconnell

Move character in the animation, or move the skeleton in the game space?

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Hi all.  Newbie question.   I've made a few animations of a crane doing things, such as lifting an object, placing an object, and moving from place to place.

Should movement of the entire crane be handled by shifting the location of the skeleton in the game world, or should the crane move within the animation?

Either is possible, but I suspect having the crane do all it's activities while stationary in Spriter, and then moving the skeleton in the game world would result in easier programming of the game itself.  This would also help in know the exact position of the crane at any time, that's important to keep actions in sync.


I'm working with Spriter Pro and AGK2.

Any advice or wisdom from experience greatly appreciated.



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Definitely and always make the movement happen in the game engine by moving the entire Spriter object , unless you're making some sort of canned cinematic moment or if you are not making an action game.

So, if you make a walking or flying animation ,the character in Spriter should stay in the same position... for a fly its ideal for the slight up and down movement to be built into the Spriter animation to perfectly sync it with the wing positions in the animation, then you can just move thye flying bird perfectly horizontally in the game engine and it will look natural.

Jumping and falling animations should lift and lower their legs but should stay horizontally and vertically in the same position vs their center of gravity.

The ideal positioning of the center-point of the animations is bottom-center between the feet for side scrolling 2d games, especially for humanoud characters.

HA! I just realized you meant a construction machine/vehicle type of crane and not the bird!

This is trickier. If it can pick up lots of different things in the game then your two options are either make an animation variant for every thing it can lift, or use an action point in Spriter to represent the picked up object and use code in your game to stick the picked up thing to the position of the point.

sorry, I'm not sure if the AGK2 plugin supports points.  You'd have to check first.






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