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Hi everyone!

It started as a project for my daughter (she was at the age of about 2). She loved two apps I had on my old iPad - both were animated/interactive scenes.
Just tap somewhere and see what happens. She loved it.

On my way to find more apps like that, I had a hard time, so I decided to try to make one myself.

So, this is it. I did some research, found Monogame, found Spriter, and the great SpriterDotNet implementation from loodakrawa. I love working with that.
And although I am not a great artist, I tried my best.

As my daughter liked the result much, I decided to actually publish the app now for Android and even iOS lately.
I am really amazed by the ease a game can be ported nowadays.

In case you want to have a look (all animations and sound-triggers were done using Spriter), here are the links to the screencast-movie and store-links (warning: it's a paid app now!):


Google PlayStore:

Amazon AppStore:

Apple AppStore

Please consider: the game aims kids aged 4 or less. 
So don't expect fancy achievements or other goals.
I didn't even implement any menu, options, or text to read. Kids at that age usually can't read yet.

Also, I didn't add any in-App-Purchases or advertising. I really dislike that myself and rather pay for an app.
But also I was shocked, that other apps targeting kids claim to be free and are full of that stuff.

So, no wonder that nobody really finds my app in the stores - everybody just scans the "for free"-stuff.
But that's ok. It was fun making it anyway.

In case you're interested, have a look.
I'm pleased if I was able to make someone other than close friends happy with it.

You all have a great day! And thanks for the great software and as well as the great community!

PS: the mexican guitarrist at the lower left is the only animation done with bones. Whenever I make another game, I plan to use that a lot more. It worked really well!

PPS: Happy to ready what you think.




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Thank you very much!

I'm also looking forward to making another one (although I don't know when der). I kind of regret that I did not start working with bones earlier. That was fun and worked very well. 

Spriter is really a fun tool to work with!

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