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R11 Sound files not working. No Preview, no insert to timeline.


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Greetings to the Community,

I'm fairly new to Spriter but learning quickly. I've been successful at animating a few characters now in Spriter and I'm attempting to do some lipsync with an audio track. As per the instructions, I've saved the audio files into wav format. (Microsoft default 16 bit signed wav). Unfortunately left clicking them in the Palette will not preview the clip, nor will right clicking them add them to the timeline at the currently selected timeline position. I've read the 2 other Help files in this section that dealt with this issue, and have attempted to both resave the wav files using the same and different alternate settings including unsigned 8 bit, as well as MS ADPCM and finally a signed 32 bit version all with no luck. If there is a simple error here I am making, I would certainly love someone to point it out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

OS: Windows 10 v1709

Program: Spriter Pro Steam Version R11

Sound FIles: Original in OOG format, converted on Audacity to WAV (MS usigned 16 bit PCM), WAV (NIST Sphere signed 8 bit PCM), WAV (MS signed 8 bit PCM), WAV (MS signed 32bit PCM), and finally WAV (Microsoft ADPCM). Additionally I tried two other downloaded SFX files that were encoded by others into WAV format from Freesound.org.

File Size: 236KB

Duration: 1.37sec

Thank you again for any help in advance.





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Well this is embarrassing,


Seems as though the problem was that I still had the original trial version of Spriter on my PC and that launching the program by clicking the project file in a folder was launching the original install of Spriter rather than Spriter Pro. Once I had Spriter pro loaded with my project, the sound system worked exactly as it was supposed to. Sorry for causing anyone some unnecessary work, but what a problem this was to solve!

On a side note, ALL the different combinations of WAV files I made worked with Spriter once I had the pro version loaded. The default is the one I'll be using, WAV (MS usigned 16 bit PCM) in case anyone is interested. Laters!



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Thanks for sharing the solution instead of just deleting the original post. This will likely help someone in the future We're glad you got the issue sorted out.

and welcome to the Spriter community! Please don't hesitate to post or email support@brashmonkey.com if you run into any other issues or have questions.


-Mike at BrashMonkey


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