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Found 6 results

  1. (Since the search function didn't work for me I unfortunately had to create a new topic.) Hi Brashmonkey, I need urgent help with importing animations into Construct 3. Previously I had a workflow in Construct 2 that would just overwrite the same animation whenever re-imported. Now however, with Construct 3. It will create a duplicate entity every time I import an animation. This is catastrophic (no pun intended, my game is about a cat) xD, because I am completely stuck. I can't remove old entities every time I import. Because along with the animations also comes all the connected events. I made a quick video about it (without re-takes). I'm not a native speaker, but I think it's quite clear. I use the multiple sprite import approach in a new project. I also showcase my main project, which is very ambitious: http://pixelshade.se/forums/brashmonkey.mp4. I'm quite stuck currently since I can't continue with enemy design, without enemy design I can't really continue level design and I can't do cutscenes or update movement patterns... I have a demo that needs to be sent this year to a potential publishers and investors. Its quite urgent. I hope you guys could help me out. and of course anybody else having the same issues. Kind regards /Dennis - Pixel Shade
  2. Hi everyone, hi Mike! So, I have watched your video on youtube about importing spriter animations to unity, and I followed every step. I dragged the whole map with sprites and body parts, and .scml file as well. I've downloaded Spriter2UnityDX for Unity 5.0 (yes, I am using Unity 5.0) and imported it as an asset in Unity project. But as I import the map in Assets, I get this. I am unable to drag player with its animations in scene, and there is that error "the name titleContent does not exist in current context" Also, the error is related to Spritet2UnityDX. What should I do? Best regards and thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I have a questions for controlling the animations from Spriter in Unity. Normally, I need to put "Unity.motion"-datas from Unity into the animation controller to define the different statements. But if I import my Spriter folder into Unity just the animation.asset (with my prefab) appears. How can I get the motions from my animations? Greetings, Konckeri
  4. I'm setting up a Spriter animation pipeline at the studio I work at, but we've hit a serious blocker. We need to have the ability to have several artist work in parallel to create animations for the same entity. However, when trying to merge our files it creates duplicate entities. This in itself wouldn't be an issue, but when trying to move / re-assign the animation to one of the the chosen entities, the animation which has been moved becomes glitched and cannot be viewed. The behavior is a bit weird, in that I can temporarily "trick" Spriter into displaying the animation, provided I first click on an animation from the entity with which it was previously assigned. This makes me hopeful that the data isn't lost, it's just that Spriter is getting wires crossed when trying to display it. I've linked a video of the issue in action. You can see near the end that I demonstrate the issue of the animation disappearing and reappearing several times. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mfk8npkw769srm6/bandicam 2016-09-09 16-05-08-069.avi?dl=0
  5. Hi Is that possible to import animated sprite - for example Snes sprite converted to animated gif, and then use it as a background-reference for creating animation skeleton, referring to half-transparent animated gif in the background? If no, what is the other way to use references?
  6. Hi here, I wonder if some people encountered the same issue as me: there is this SMCL file I made which plays fine in Spriter but can't be imported in Unity. I have spent quite some time working on animating this character for a game and I would like to avoid to redo iy from scratch. I don't know what the issue is but I am a bit supsicious about PSD2SMCL script that I used (http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2768-photoshop-to-spriter-photoshop-plugin-attached/&page=2) Out of 4 characters we have animated, the only one facing this issue is the one which SMCL file has been formely generated by this script. Any similar experience ? Any input about how to fix my problem. Any help would be much appreciated, thks guys. See my files attached or this URL: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z34o3n7hqx1yrpo/AAAyjaWW_kAioELFvB80TaJja?dl=0 Blob.zip
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