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  1. Probably I missed to read at properly somewhere but all I had to do was to remove the SpriterDotNetBehaviour package and the Spriter2Unity package and to add JUST the Spriter2UnityDX package. After changing the packages, restarting Unity and reimporting my animations everythinng worked out just fine. The packages work with Unity 2017 just fine, too.
  2. Hello, I have a questions for controlling the animations from Spriter in Unity. Normally, I need to put "Unity.motion"-datas from Unity into the animation controller to define the different statements. But if I import my Spriter folder into Unity just the animation.asset (with my prefab) appears. How can I get the motions from my animations? Greetings, Konckeri
  3. I found the solution. I read through the SpriterDotNet.Unity documentation again and realized that I just needed to do this UnityAnimator animator = gameObject.GetComponent<SpriterDotNetBehaviour>().Animator; assignment in my script and to use the Spriter.asset. Now everything works just fine.
  4. Hello, I´m currently trying to import my spriter animations into Unity 2017. I imported all the unitypackages and dragged the folder with my scml.data as I was told in various tutorials. But neither an animation controller nor any animation clips (for example walking.anim) are created like they are in the grey guy example. Currently I don`t find any solutions for whaat I can do. Can someone tell me what I should do? Greetings, Konckeri
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