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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Spriter Team! I know this is the second time I have written a question in four years - but I am having a challenge I would appreciate your genius on helping to resolve! You know I freaking love your product and have purchased a copy for a few of my friends since they love animation! I also own Spine and Creature but I keep coming back to Spriter! Here is my situation... I have an animation in Spriter of a body that has just the neck stub. It just bobbles a round a bit nothing big during an idle animation. I have another Spriter animation of a head. I would simply like to "Pin" the head to the Neck stub so that it bobs with the animation. Here are the things I have tried Created an Action Point on the Neck and then referenced it on System Tick in construct 3. I would then set the head.x to body.objectx("neckpont") and head.y to body.objecty("neckpoint"). That just blinked the head all over the place Tried the Pin behavior in Construct 3 - No movement Tried the Pin to Object behavior and specified different image points - No movement Sacrificed a goat to the animation gods - No movement I would greatly appreciate it if you could direct me to a resource that would illustrate this working, or tell me what needs to be done. Thank you! Wermfood
  2. Hello, So I've been using spriter pro for a while now and I had no issues so far. I use it with Scirra's Construct 2. The way I use the scml plugin is the Self Draw way, everything worked great so far, so I've added an scml instance, imported the spritesheet that I exported from Spriter and then impirted the scon file as well. The animation worked fine, but after a while I changed some aninations, exported new spritesheet and scon and I changed them in Construct, but I kept the original scml instance. So my problem is that the animation is blank now, but if I swap back the scon to the previous one it works fine again. What are the most common reasons that might explain this? I exported several animations like this before and never had any issues. I use Spriter on macos and run Construct 2 on a parallels vm, preview is sent from Windows running on parallels to Safari on macos, but it was never an issue before. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi there! I'm working on Spriter with Construct 2 for a project, and I was wondering if you can have an animated sprite along with the imported spriter animation on C2. Example: I've made a character's animations (walk, jump, etc), and imported it to C2, but I want him to have a blink cycle independently. I've tried to take the imported eye sprite and insert blink animation, but there seems to be no way to make the imported sprite to play other frames. I've also tried to make a sprite inside C2 with the animation, and pin it to the eye object, but it got a weird delayed follow effect. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.
  4. Greeting everyone! Here is my new game, It was made by Spriter and Construct 2. Check it out. Oh and don't forget to give me a like. For the love of Spriter!!! Thank you and see you all again with my next game! Take care ~
  5. First of all, I am using spriter with Construct 2 (just in case you need that information to properly answer me.) I really like spriter and I'm glad I bought it, but the proper use for each feature isn't really that clear. I asked the question first in someone else's topic, but after browsing the forum more I noticed that you told someone to "make a new topic for a new question" in another topic to be sure his question will be seen - so here I am and I will make the question clearer too. I read the manual and watched the tutorials and it still isn't clear when we should be using the Character Maps, the Entities, or when to just make separate spriter files (scml/scon) for each enemy. You said in another topic that it is better RAM-wise to make separate spriter files (though it was unclear if you meant for each enemies). I have like 36 enemies sharing the same walking animation. I was thinking of putting them all in the same spriter file and then either use character maps OR entities, but after reading your RAM post, I'm wondering what would be the best RAM wise. Would using 36 different spriter files (scml/scon) actually be better? But then, when would we use entities? and character maps? Thank you for your time!
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