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  1. Thanks @Lucid. I put the code as shown and the head just stays still while the body goes to town! I even tried to associate a standard sprite (non spriter) and I have the same effect. I am trying to set the heads position in relation to the body. I can easily upload my constructor project if you would like to take a gander at things in action. Just let me know how to proceed
  2. Hi Spriter Team! I know this is the second time I have written a question in four years - but I am having a challenge I would appreciate your genius on helping to resolve! You know I freaking love your product and have purchased a copy for a few of my friends since they love animation! I also own Spine and Creature but I keep coming back to Spriter! Here is my situation... I have an animation in Spriter of a body that has just the neck stub. It just bobbles a round a bit nothing big during an idle animation. I have another Spriter animation of a head. I would simply like to "Pin" the head
  3. Hello everyone! :D I am using Construct 2 and Spriter Pro 6b but I am having some trouble with the Character Maps feature. In a nutshell, I have an animated character that has three different shirts and three different pants. Using the Character Maps in Spriter, I can easily drag over any combination that I wish and it works. But if I want to do this same thing in Construct 2, I would have to make an entity of all the possible combinations of shirts and pants that are possible. moreover, as I add things like a hat and gun, these entities grow exponentially. Add to that, three different body
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