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  1. Thanks @Lucid. I put the code as shown and the head just stays still while the body goes to town! I even tried to associate a standard sprite (non spriter) and I have the same effect. I am trying to set the heads position in relation to the body. I can easily upload my constructor project if you would like to take a gander at things in action. Just let me know how to proceed
  2. Hi Spriter Team! I know this is the second time I have written a question in four years - but I am having a challenge I would appreciate your genius on helping to resolve! You know I freaking love your product and have purchased a copy for a few of my friends since they love animation! I also own Spine and Creature but I keep coming back to Spriter! Here is my situation... I have an animation in Spriter of a body that has just the neck stub. It just bobbles a round a bit nothing big during an idle animation. I have another Spriter animation of a head. I would simply like to "Pin" the head to the Neck stub so that it bobs with the animation. Here are the things I have tried Created an Action Point on the Neck and then referenced it on System Tick in construct 3. I would then set the head.x to body.objectx("neckpont") and head.y to body.objecty("neckpoint"). That just blinked the head all over the place Tried the Pin behavior in Construct 3 - No movement Tried the Pin to Object behavior and specified different image points - No movement Sacrificed a goat to the animation gods - No movement I would greatly appreciate it if you could direct me to a resource that would illustrate this working, or tell me what needs to be done. Thank you! Wermfood
  3. Hello everyone! :D I am using Construct 2 and Spriter Pro 6b but I am having some trouble with the Character Maps feature. In a nutshell, I have an animated character that has three different shirts and three different pants. Using the Character Maps in Spriter, I can easily drag over any combination that I wish and it works. But if I want to do this same thing in Construct 2, I would have to make an entity of all the possible combinations of shirts and pants that are possible. moreover, as I add things like a hat and gun, these entities grow exponentially. Add to that, three different body types and two different genders and the entity combinations are unmanageable. I can achieve this without Spriter by having a separate Shirt and Pants Sprite with animations of the different types and then pinning it to my character as they walk around. This does the trick, but Spriter makes everything so much better looking and is 1000 times easier to manipulate. I have tried pulling in two separate Spriter sprites (one of pants and one as character) and then position them in the game loop in Construct. That just introduces other issues with Z-order and floaty movements and since pinning acts strange with Spriter objects I am stumped on how to proceed. Can someone tell me if they have done something like this? I saw a Video from Mike on YouTube that had something similar where he was adding an axe and a mask to Grey Guy by clicking checkboxes but he did not demo the code behind in Construct. Its possible it was done with straight entities which really do not make sense in my case. Maybe its something coming in a future release, if so that would also be good to know so I can continue with the path I am on and not try to come up with another type of solution.
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