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Found 9 results

  1. Hey there everybody If you are looking for 2D game art and animations I am here to help you out If you are interested simply visit my website: 2dpixx.de or have a look at my gallery on Deviant Art I don't have a fixed hourly rate. The pricing is per piece and highly depends on the job you are offering. Thanks for reading and best regards!
  2. Indie game art services. Affordable, professional. DesixStudios.com Providing professional game artwork and animation for indie prices. I work closely with you to ensure we land a result you want. First time right is great, but want something slightly different instead? No problem. As a game developer myself, I have experience with the specific requirements and details of a 2D game. So I know how artwork should be built with care to benefit from and take advantage of certain techniques, and also limitations, of game design. I have countless hours experience with every 2D art style, from pixel art, vector art all the way to digitally painted work. With hundreds of happy clients, multiple ongoing long & short-term projects, and an ever growing portfolio of experience, I have your back. Working for individuals and companies, small and large tasks is no issue. I'll maintain constant contact with you until you are 100% satisfied. Email - desixstudios@outlook.com Full portfolio - http://desixstudios.com
  3. Hi! My name is Cameron. I'm a freelance artist and game dev with four years of experience doing pixel art, and I'm available for commissions and projects of any length! I work very quickly and efficiently, and I can create pixel art in any style you'll need. Here are some of the things I can make for you: Sprites Tilesets Maps Text Boxes Backgrounds Textures And whatever else you need! Check out some of my work here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15q8ubCCwRFt_GKwyuXFbxJdri9rpm5QQ Pricing varies by complexity. My project rates start at $15/hr for simpler styles; my commissions are done by flat rates, not hourly, and also scale with complexity. For more pricing info, more examples of my work, or to contact me for a project/commission, feel free to email me at ellencegames@gmail.com!
  4. Hi all! Is there a possibility to check if animations from pack will be a good fit for my art set? Thanks
  5. Hello ! I am wondering if I could use, freely, legally, the art packs provided after the installation of the software in the associated folder in different softwares than Spriter ? like Photoshop or Paint.net ? It would be useful for me, as I have poor skills of design, thanks a lot !
  6. Hello i just bought both rpg maker, spriter pro and game character hub(rpg maker official sprite making tool) on steam and i want to know some things: 1- Do you get any images to work and do testing/learning with spriter pro besides the essential pack? 2- Can you use any png image to work and animated? 3- Can you create a sprite from zero or this isnt the software for this? 4- Can you take images from Game character hub and animate them in spriter pro? 5(last)- Someone can tell me what are in each dlc? I just bought the effects one since effects are in everygame, but im in doubt if i will need the other if they are just art packs or can i edit them and make effects/sprites from zero? Sorry for the high number of questions im kind of lost XD
  7. Hello, When I export my pixel art to a gif the quality of the file downgrades horribly, and the lines come out jagged and looking funny. I tried exporting as a sprite sheet and am having the same issue. I have both modes turned off. Is this a problem with working in pixel art in general, which means I'll have to edit each frame by hand?
  8. Hey all! We’re currently looking for a 2D Artist and animator to join our team of 9 members. We’re working on Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Episode. You can find more details at: – Ludust Project page – Aeon Chronicles Website We’re focusing on the development of a playable alpha version, to present in our upcoming Feedback Pre-Campaign at the Square Enix Collective Initiative, which will then follow on to fundraising if all goes well. This is a high-quality project that has got a very talented group of people from various corners of the world together, and looking to use this project as a startup to an indie video-game development studio, CreaByte Studios. We work in a results-oriented environment, usually on a week-by-week updates basis. The current position is to join our core team at CreaByte, starting off by joining other members with character art and animation, and later helping with some promo artwork. Even though we’re a serious team, with big goals and standards, we’re also really friendly, with a great environment, and as indie as one can get! Currently a 0$ budget team(Revenue will be shared between all members upon release), and still working every single day for this project, passion to create video-game experiences is what drives us. Any questions you have or if you’re interested in joining, leave a comment below or direct it to CreaByteStudios@gmail.com Thanks, Tibs :)
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