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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Spriters, I have started using Spriter after I purchased it like a year ago (or more), finally. Let me start by saying it is a nice piece of software. I do have a question. Few days ago I finished my animations and now I am busy to load them into my SpriteKit(xcode) project. In the game I have a character that has many interchangeable equipment parts (e.g. helmet x, with weapon y, and shield z and body armor b). So what I did was export every equipment/body part separatly (with the same custom rect for all parts and their frames so that they all align perfectly in game) and in game loading the equipment parts and their frames(animation) depending on what equipment parts the user is wearing. This is working but it is memory consuming. What I would like is to export every part seperatly like I am doing now, but the export width/height (rect) should not be bigger than that of the biggest frame of that particular equipment/body part. also I would like to have a file with the correct x y z offset so that I can align the equipment parts correctly ingame. is this possible? I know I can do this somehow through the scml file but I would like to know if there is an easier way to do this. Thanks for reading, and excuse me if the question is not very clear.
  2. Spriter 6.1, Win7x64 The only thing I could find about this was a post by grayborders at http://www.brashmonkey.com/forumOLD/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=12628 But it seems things haven't gotten fixed since then, maybe? Or not completely fixed. I have several times experienced the bug described there, where my z-orders got messed up on alternating frames, meaning I had to manually redo zordering I had *already* had to manually redo once before. Worse, z-ordering is already a bit of a pain if you need to drag more than one sprite at a time. You can select multiple sprites in the z-order pane, but dragging gives you a 'cancel' cursor and doesn't drop them anywhere if you do. I'm trying to animate some martial arts moves, which involve characters spinning around, so their z-orders change like crazy. Is Spriter the wrong tool for the job in my and grayborders' case? If not, then surely I'm missing a z-order editing trick or two in the program? Thanks for any help, GA
  3. If you look at my Z-Order window everything is just plain gone. Nothing is displayed and the same thing happens in the hierarchy window. This is causing Spriter to crash if I attempt to add a sprite image to the scene, move any sprites, anything at all and spriter will just close. Additionally I have upgraded to pro recently and opening any projects will still run in essentials.
  4. Hello all, I've been animating in Spriter Pro and so far its gone really well. However, I've come across a part of my animation process that seems inefficient, and I'm wondering If I can have some help with that. The way I'm working, I basically do the following: Create first frame. Create set of frames till the end, concentrating on one aspect of animation (example, in a run animation I focus on the legs first to get them right, then the clothing around the legs, and so on) Continue until the full animation is complete, then make adjustments. The problem with this is as follows If I introduce a new object into the first frame, adjust it for Z-order and Hierarchy, and then try to copy/paste it to all keyframes, it sometimes readjusts its Z-Order every keyframe, so I still have to adjust it every keyframe in the z order before I do anything. This has always given me issues so far for copies of objects and new objects. If I made a mistake in Hierarchy and need to adjust that throughout, the Hierarchy cannot be adjusted in every keyframe through the copy/paste to all method. As such, I'm not sure what to do here to speed up the process (I really do not want to re-adjust the Hierarchy and subsequently re-adjust the item I moved in the Hierarchy every keyframe) If I could learn a faster way to deal with this problem I'd appreciate it!
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