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Found 9 results

  1. Time 6:20. I can't find bone parentage option anywhere. Where is it?
  2. The short of it, can I get a link to a tutorial that explains bones/rigging? I have not been able to find one that answers for the following case. Trying to animate a dummy (think crash car dummy) I have pelvic area which has a torso and two legs connected to it. I want to be able to adjust the pelvic area as a separate entity, but it always locks up with any of the torso, both legs, or whole body.
  3. Hi! I just bought the pro version and I'm strugling to make my first animation (even though it seemed so easy). The issue is that I have already set up all my sprites and each of the pivots, but when I assign the bones, the rotation of each sprites uses the bone starting point not the pivot of the sprite. What is the point in setting the sprite's pivot then? Also, is there a way to be more presise when adding bones? I found that holding B when creating a bone, not always makes a child of it and I have to set it manually. And if i try to create it just at the end of the las bone I created the mouse selectsthe previous bone. I hope you can help me. Thank you!
  4. System: Windows 10 64bit Graphic Card: nVidia GeForce 840M Spriter Pro Ver: R5 Steps to reproduce:- Repeat Playback: OFF 1) Create a bone and assign few sprites as child of this bone. 2) At 0ms - Change bone alpha to 0. 3) At 200ms - Change bone alpha to 100. After step 3 you will see all the child sprites disappeared. Note:- Toggle Repeat Playback ON/OFF before and after changing alpha or deleting key to see different kind of unexpected behaviours.
  5. i'm using B to bind a bone to sprites. Is there a way to bind a sprite to a bone for all the keyframes? I have an old animation I wanted to change, but if I try to bind a sprite to a bone it wasn't connected before, everything works until the next keyframe, where the sprite goes to random position and is not binded anymore.
  6. Is it possible? Manually selecting all bones and applying the desired Bezier curve is really a time consuming task. http://gyazo.com/b130c5ff80adc56827f0954957da6be3
  7. Hi all, Ian pretty new with sprite but i need to use it a lot for new game. So having a really important question. I need to make 30 characters walk, die, idle and fight. The images are most of the time similar (head, hair, eyes, L-arm 1, L-arm 2 etc.) So i made 1 character do all those animations. No the question is, can i copy the animation and put the new character in? Is that possible? That would save lot of time, and making something walk was a pain in the @ss. So anyone has a idea? Also is it possible to only copy bones (whiteout the images), also is it possible to copy complete animation of the bones? Please help me? Martijn
  8. Out of nowhere, whenever I try to Inherit any property after right clicking a bone, my computer locks up, and I need to pull up Task Manager to unlock my computer. This has happened on and off before, but today, it happens every time.
  9. So I'm sitting here playing with spriter pro for the first time, using a character model I made especially for the program. I have very little animation experience though, so the best I can really make right now is a very simple idle animation. I'd really love to get to the point where I'm capable of making something along the lines of the shambling skeleton animation included with the spriter pro download, because it doesn't seem to use many more techniques than the very simple bone-attached-to-sprite animation technique displayed in the tutorials found on the official brashmonkey youtube channel. But I think what I'm really lacking here is a knowledge of the theory behind sprite and bone animation. As in, how I should be going about designing assets that will be animated, what things to keep in mind, how they're animated, etc. Are there any channels, guides, or tutorials for that? Aside from just plain raw practice, obviously. I know practice is a good foundation, but it always helps to know what direction you're going in. I guess this might be kind of a weird question to ask, but I'm definitely looking forward to your guys's responses. Thanks in advance!
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