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  1. Figured I'll share the thingy, since the original creator is kinda dead. Monofoxe.Spriter This is a heavily modified version of SpriterDotNet for Monofoxe. Note that since Monofoxe is a Monogame-based engine, it's gonna be very easy to convert the library to support generic Monogame. So, why make another C# implementation? The existing one is beyond terrible. It's extremely overengineered, badly designed, filled with bugs and is a pain to work with in general. I've tried to simplify the source code as much as possible, fix the most obvious issues and even add new features. The co
  2. I've set up SpriterDotNet on MG 3.8, although, I've had to heavily modify it due to poor code quality of the library. I've PMed you a link where you can contact me.
  3. Make your own lul. And, like, I am sure there is already Spine/DragonBones support. They are all-around better products than Spriter. I only took it because it was on a massive discount at the time and it had the most complete integration for my engine.
  4. Sup. Is there any way to save editor window layout? It resets after restarting Spriter, so I've stopped bothering with actually changing it. What's the point of a full-fledged layout editor if it erases the moment you close the thing?
  5. Nah, I'm good. Picked up Spriter on a hefty discount, so I don't think the inconvenience of Steam is worth forking up the full price. : -)
  6. Sup. I got Spriter Steam license. Is there a way to use it standalone without Steam? I don't really want to launch Steam every time I need to work, and file associations either don't work or are broken on my machine.
  7. If it's not there, that's gonna be a dealbreaker. Nobody's gonna migrate. I'd make it a priority if I were you. Hell, this slowmode is killing me.
  8. Boi. First of all, Spriter is really not made for runtme bone manipulation. It can be done, but you'll need to hack it into your engine integration. Second, it's Contruct. It's very limited, I'd barely consider it a game engine. What you want to do will be way too much for it, either make a ragdoll clone without Spriter, or switch to a real game engine. Чувак. Во-первых, Спрайтер не предназначен для манипуляции костями в рантайме. Это даже можно реализовать, но придётся много хачить в самой интеграции движка. Во-вторых -- это ж, мать его, Конструкт. Он очень ограничен, на игровой движок о
  9. That's cool and all, but realistically, I'm not gonna remake all my animations for the new format and rewrite engine integration mid-dev. Actually, will there be some sort of backwards compatibility/converter feature?
  10. Sup. Let's say, I am doing a sword swing which has several keyframes. I want a smooth acceleration curve from start to finish, but it seems Spriter only allows easings from the current keyframe to the next. If you cannot span an easing curve across multiple keyframes, how would you do a smooth motion and get rid of jerking when changing a keyframe?
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