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  1. I'm not a spammer, I'm just from Russia and translate through a translator. I have a huge request to help in some way. I make a game with gameplay like in a mobile game,, Flat Zombies,,. there is a beautiful ragdoll. I made a character and exported it to C2. Now comes my enemy, who must soon die. As arranged in spriter, one small cube is responsible for the entire enemy. I made it so that when the,, instance variables,, that very small cube has the number of HP <= 0, then that cube is destroyed and in its place the parts of the enemy's body with the already registered ragdoll are spawned, but it is not included. Instead of ragdoll, the enemy is simply destroyed and a moment later reappears and continues walking. For this cube, I did physics behaviors, set it up in different ways, but nothing changed. Then in the cube parameters, I deleted all,, container,, and then ragdoll started running normally, just destroy that cube and that's it. But this did not help make the game, as it will have a lot of such enemies, and for some reason they all destroy themselves.:
  2. Или вы можете сделать так, что при выполнении действия в construct 2, сама модель превращается в тряпичную куклу
  3. how to make an animation turn into a ragdoll for a certain action. I make a game similar to the game Flat zombies (this Android game). I want the enemy with animation to go, and then when it is killed by a bullet it becomes a ragdoll
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