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  1. I'm not a spammer, I'm just from Russia and translate through a translator. I have a huge request to help in some way. I make a game with gameplay like in a mobile game,, Flat Zombies,,. there is a beautiful ragdoll. I made a character and exported it to C2. Now comes my enemy, who must soon die. As arranged in spriter, one small cube is responsible for the entire enemy. I made it so that when the,, instance variables,, that very small cube has the number of HP <= 0, then that cube is destroyed and in its place the parts of the enemy's body with the already registered ragdoll are spawned, b
  2. Или вы можете сделать так, что при выполнении действия в construct 2, сама модель превращается в тряпичную куклу
  3. how to make an animation turn into a ragdoll for a certain action. I make a game similar to the game Flat zombies (this Android game). I want the enemy with animation to go, and then when it is killed by a bullet it becomes a ragdoll
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