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    arcadesindo reacted to lucid in How do you update animations in Construct 3 ?   
    Hello.  Sorry about that delay.  I hadn't received the email, but Mike forwarded it to me.  It was the problem I mentioned in my last reply.  I will get this fixed in the next plugin build so this isn't necessary in the future, but you can fix the issue immediately by renaming your objects that have characters C3 can't use for object names (like spaces).

    For instance if you rename JARI DEPAN  to JARI_DEPAN
    then future reimports work correctly.
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    arcadesindo got a reaction from WargaNetLife in How do you update animations in Construct 3 ?   
    Construct 3 r241 Stable
    Spriter 2-6-2021b Stable
    Please have a check 
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