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  1. Yeah there seems to be a problem with the file, or it's just too big. I removed some animation data manually from the scml file (removed an entity) and now my project opens. I will email at the address you sent me. Thanks Mike!
  2. I was in for a surprise today - my project isn't opening! It was fine as I was editing it yesterday. Whenever I click 'Open Project' to my project in Spriter, the app simply disappears - seemingly crashing. I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 Anyone face this before?
  3. Yup, I can scale sequential images, but is there any option to scale by spritesheet/skeletal animation? Can I scale the PNG generated by the atlas safely and expect the scon/scml file to work directly? Yes, this is what I've done now, but it is very hard for me to use it since I'm targetting very low resolution assets - so animating them is a chore as I am essentially animating low resolution art (and I'd highly prefer animating the high res art THEN export to low res assets). Thank you!
  4. It would be great if we could get a scale option IN the export options itself. It's really tricky using 'Scaled palette', because my target scale sprites/animations are VERY SMALL, and it's a pain having to animate a pixelated image. A better workflow would be animating on a higher resolution image, and then resizing it on export ONLY - so that I can still animate high resolution assets but still get my low resolution targets
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