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  1. Been working with Spriter for a few weeks pretty consistently now and I've come up with a few "would be nice" features: Assigning certain sprites to bone lengths for automated swapping at certain points during tweens if a bone should squash or stretch enough (foreshortening for example) or rotate to certain angle ranges (feet, hair, etc.) Anchored points should not move at all, even during tweens. Currently they do. Anchoring should be keyable as well to ensure points remain frozen until certain stages Being able to set an IK chain length so end points (like hands and feet) can be grabbed and moved to move the limb they're attached to, but themselves not be moved by anything else Allow rotations of bones connected to anchored points (such as rotating a thigh to switch the side that a knee is pointing toward while the ankle is locked) while still keeping the anchored point locked. Maybe a "flex amount" that a bone could be allowed to resize to maintain distance while rotating the parent?
  2. I actually came to report an issue contrary to this. Actually it's a three part bug report: I've got some animations which should only be slight rotations of the individual bones, but it's causing them to wildly spin limbs around. I'm doing a cross over animation from a knee pointing to the left on a digitigrade character to the knee pointing right, necessitating rotation and counter rotation. The tweens however cause the leg to wig out and do a 350 spin into the body rather than do a slight angle change. It would be nice if the program read the intention of the motion when the keyframe is made, rather than optimising it incorrectly, or gave us a curve editor which let you specify the start/end point of the animation to force it to "go the long way". I'm having problems exporting 2 of 15 animations. Most of them export properly, but the 2 refuse to export as separate PNGs, and crash on GIF export. I believe it's related to bug 3, which is... In those two animations I encounter scenarios where bones or the sprite attached to them scale to 0 along one axis and for some reason get placed at 680000.00000 x and y. When this happens I can't edit anything about that particular item. There's no case where my animations go anywhere near the 600px point on any axis, let alone 680000. I can provide my project if you'd like to look it over. Addendum: I'm using Spriter Pro r10 through Steam on an Alienware 17 r3 running Windows 10.
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