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  1. Hi, Haven't seen if this has been updated but I'm making a game with characters that needs a ton of differrent character maps and would really want to use the spritesheet mode for this game as it would save a ton of resources. However there is no way that all the parts will fit on one spritesheet. There is an option on export to split spritesheets into more than one but can it be used in construct 2 or are we limited to only one spritesheet still? Thanks!
  2. Hi. Is it possible to change the origin of a spriter object? I have spriter characters exported as spritesheets from Spriter and the origin is always centered. This becomes an issue when z-sorting based on the y positions as the characters y position is in the center instead of the feet like the rest of the objects. Any ideas how to fix that? Thank you in advance.
  3. Edit: It seems to work if I start a whole new spriter project. But how can I make my existing project work again? The file must be corrupt or something :/ I attached the whole spriter project folder if it helps. Enemies.zip
  4. Hi. Yes of course. It is just an empty project with a spriter object. But for some reason everything I export out from spriter now generates an java script error. Before regular spriter objects worked but now everything is broken after trying the spritesheet export. spriter_test.capx
  5. Hi. I'm trying to import a spriter object in C2 as a spritesheet object and have followed the tutorial for it. But for some reason I get the error message attached. What am I doing wrong? I'm doing exactly like in the tutorial. Exporting and importing regular spriter objects works without a problem. Thank you in advance.
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