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  1. This is the only Unity visual novel tool with built in support for Spriter animation. This asset is an extension to Dialogue System for Unity so you have to get it first. Visual Novel for Dialogue System for Unity helps creating visual novels easily using the easy to use Dialogue System for Unity's dialogue database editor with no programming skills required and support to live2d and spriter animation. You can check Visual Novel for Dialogue System for Unity tutorials and features here.
  2. Visual Novel for Dialogue System for Unity is released. It is the only visual novel asset with builtin support to Spriter animation. Keep in mind that it requires Dialogue System for Unity to function correctly. I didn't have time to do it, but I will do it and do a pull request as soon as I have time. Your plugin is great, and I will be happy to contribute to it.
  3. I have created a unity asset that can create visual novels, and I added compatibility with spriter Dot Net. It's still under review by Unity asset store staff. You can check the promo here.
  4. Perhaps your images are imported as textures. Try to choose all of your images and change the import settings to sprite, then reimport the folder that contains spriter files.
  5. Hi, I am developing a plugin for Unity, and I want it to be compatible with spriter objects. I found your plugin which works great, really great effort. In my plugin I need to fadein/fadeout spriter objects. To do this I can set the alpha of the color of SpriteRenderer component directly, but that would mess up with alpha animation if it exists. So my suggestion is to add a public Color parameter to SpriterDotNetBehaviour, then multiply that SpriterDotNetBehaviour's color including alpha to the color of the UnityAnimator at the line below. UnityAnimator.cs renderer.color =
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