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    GC3K reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Game that I helped make with Spriter   
    Great job. it looks like a lot of fun too!
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    GC3K got a reaction from Mike at BrashMonkey in Game that I helped make with Spriter   
    I thought I'd share what I worked on for the past year or two. All of the character sprites were assembled and animated in Spriter, then exported to sprite sheets for the developer to use in the game. I worked on all the new art/graphic assets (except the promo art+logo).
    It would not have been possible for me to work on everything myself, without Spriter. Thanks for making an affordable software that was easy to use.
    Trailer-- warning for cartoon violence
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    GC3K reacted to EternaL in Could we finally have UI/Workspace saving?   
    Even if maybe Spriter 2 might finally let us save the UI/Workspace, could Brashmonkey just quickly include this in Spriter Pro in a quick update or add-on? Spriter crashes frequently enough (especially when it comes to certain cases of copying and pasting bones with images attached) and the workspace is such a big deal, with all the setting ticks and window sizes and locations I have to re-set up each time I open a file. It sounds like such an easy feature to include/program in. At the very least, be sure to include this in Spriter 2. However... It may be a year or more before Spriter 2 is even fully compatible with Construct 2, (assuming it ever will be, as opposed to forcing those who want to use it to use Construct 3 instead) regarding the Spriter SCML Plugin, the import process, full functionality after export, and so on. So I strongly suggest a Spriter Pro update or add-on that allows us this simple yet effective improvement that Spriter's been lacking for years. If you actually used Spriter for intensive scene work, you would realize the need for workspace-saving, so that crashes aren't the misfortune they always are.
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