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    TheBestAtSpace got a reaction from Geraldml in How to Embed Youtube Vids Into Your Post.   
    If you want to just link to a video, you can also just right click the video on YouTube and copy the address. When you paste it in the forum, it won't embed. Handy if you ever want to just link the text url
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    TheBestAtSpace reacted to estherfunworld in illustration Anime/visual novel/Character/for hire   
    Hello every one , I'm Esther and I do commissions.
    Please send me E-mail if you're interested in estherfanworld@gmail.com
    SALE 10% for  Game maker or visual novel


    All price is in

    Commission info+example


    My Art room

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    TheBestAtSpace reacted to Your Favorite Lullaby in Needed Some Light!!   
    Back at it again today.. Let there be light!

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    TheBestAtSpace reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in How to Embed Youtube Vids Into Your Post.   
    Hi Everyone,
    Since originally making this post the forum system has become easier and just pasting the url to your video should embed the video.
    Report here if it's not working for you.
    -Mike at BrashMonkey
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