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  1. I'm a artist looking for Artist make background and Environments & Tiles ( item )and 3d artist / animator artist developer to team up with,i want to make pc game like Rune Factory or similar to that of Harvest Moon. But I'm not sure where to start -Looking for- 1 3d artist can make models or/and Player Models/ walk / running /Farming 2 animator artist for help me do animation of character or/and Player Models/ walk / running /Farming -Gamemode- like Rune Factory or similar to that of Harvest Moon. in 2.5D game like Tree of Savior 2d art, but in 3d world this is my concept art http://esther-fan-world.deviantart.com/journal/Rev-Share-Memorial-Trees-Life-Farming-simulation-578867126 estherfanworld@gmail.com Thank you so much for reading
  2. Hello every one , I'm Esther and I do commissions. Please send me E-mail if you're interested in estherfanworld@gmail.com SALE 10% for Game maker or visual novel All price is in Commission info+example http://esther-fan-world.deviantart.com/journal/Commission-info-1-5-OPEN-524615355 My Art room http://esther-fan-world.deviantart.com/ tumblr http://esther-36.tumblr.com/
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