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  1. It's a little hard to explain. I'm just going by what they say this video here. From my knowledge, there isn't a whole lot of support for it yet, though I would love to see more.
  2. I used the skins feature. I don't think there is a whole lot of support for it yet, but it's been pretty useful to me and my project.
  3. I'm doing this in spriter pro, of course.
  4. Everything is starting to look pretty in prep for the demo.
  5. Paint Tool Sai. It started all of a sudden just the other day. I'll try loading them up into Krita and resaving them.
  6. I'm working on a sprite and when I opened it up yesterday I noticed some weird artifacting around the edges of the parts that being used as skins. I wasn't experiencing this before and I've tried restarting Spriter, toggling OpenGL off then on again (with restarts in between), restarting my computer and going in and touching up and resaving the parts. It is also occuring in png sprite sheet and gif exports. You can see it around the hair, skirt, on the legs and arms.
  7. Thanks, I'll be posting the demo for the game when we get it done. We're currently building levels and getting animation done.
  8. Hello everyone. Just joined up. I'm using spriter for a big project and thought I'd join the forums. Gonna post some of my stuff. This is the game here: http://lpcollider.com/emilia_saga/
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