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    splashshadow reacted to blurymind in Spriter 2   
    Well, by the timeyouguys release spriter 2, we will have runtimes for dragonbones on everything
    They are also adding skins soon. The competition is catching up
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    splashshadow reacted to germanmolto in Spriter 2   
    Hi! I was wondering if there are any news about Spriter 2 or mesh deformation feature! Thanks
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    splashshadow reacted to Conner Wood in Feature (please) request - export to spine3.3 format   
    I recently learned of the Defold Engine and it is a viable choice for making an indie game that uses 2D skeletal rigs.
    Seeing as how Defold will import a "Spine JSON Data File" which basically is the skeletal rig with animations and mappings to assign images to, surely Spriter could mimic the formatting with relative ease, right?
    I'm sure Spriter would benefit far more indie devs with this export capability, especially since Defold is a very attractive 100% free game engine
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    splashshadow reacted to Francesco Iafulli in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    Hi there!
    when Spriter 2?
    I need  mesh deforming also!
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