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  1. I have replied to your reply to a comment I made on your YT channel. I have downloaded the R7 build and it too crashed on a .gif export. Ubuntu 64 bit. Crash on .gif export using 64 bit R6 and R7 build, as well as the steam build. *side note, how do I change my forum display name? I do not want my email to be so public, and I was never given an option to change it.
  2. The "Batch export" is still bugged on 64 bit versions (Cant test the 32) for .gif exports. Can I get an estimate on when that is getting fixed? Or am I just going to have to wait for spriter 2?
  3. Not fixed. Crashes on batch export to .gif Linux, UBUNTU GNOME, 15.10 64 bit
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