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  1. Wow, great work. Free upgrade for Spriter Pro owners - that's cool info for me. Best regards, AndyGFX
  2. Hi, I tried drag animation from one entity to another in project and some-time Spriter crash, some-time drop all correct, some-time half sprites missing. Is drag&drop between entity possible or not. Andy.
  3. Hi, yes I tried included example for unity where is set next map from animator entity, but when I use for example 'no_weapon' on my animated character, then all sprites are invisible on character in scene. In Spriter editor when is changed available map to active, then is defined sprites are removed from actor in scene. Works this in code in same logic? Second problem is, how can I set multiple maps items on character similar as is set in Sprites editor, when I want hide armor and weapon (drag and drop to column Active). In doc missing information what is master map list and where is actual and how works map item fields. I tried debug array from animator entity, I see all defined maps in character maps list in entity instance, but animator.characterMap is null and when is set to map from entity characterMaps , then doesn't works. Maybe a few methods like SetMapActive(name) and SetMapInactive(name) would by nice to have and transparent from user point of view. Best regards, AndyGFX
  4. Hi, where can I find API doc? Currently I looking for a more informations how I can manage characterMap (activate/deactivate parts from map list) from script in runtime. Andy.
  5. Last time always In Spriter2UnityDX is changed TextureImporter to TextureImporterType.Sprite for prevent this issue. Is it possible add same feature to Unity SpriterDotNet? Best regards, Andy.
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