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  1. Added a pull request to update the example. I've also added a project with an atlas for each folder as an example that it's working. It's also giving a lot better fps. With only one atlas it'll probably be even better.
  2. I'm updating the examples right now. I've already done a pull request with the fix and an scon loader. I'll also add atlas data to the example.
  3. I also got atlas loading working in an other way as @DarkGOd did because large files will have multiple atlasses. I load them using the atlas json files found in the project and adding that info to the image files. I'ver proposed a merge request. To load the json files I used the scon wrapper that I wrote.
  4. I opened the GreyGuy scml file and saved it as scon. Now when I try the file in my scon parser, I have no sprites. I only have bones. There are no sprite objects in the obj_info property of the player entity. In the scon file there is: "name": "Player", "obj_info": [ { "h": 10, "name": "pelvis", "type": "bone", "w": 200 }, ..., { "h": 10, "name": "back_foot", "type": "bone", "w": 200 } ] but the scml file has: <obj_info name="p_torso_idle" type="sprite"> <frames> <i folder="0" file="0"/> <i folder="0" file="1"/> <i folder="0" file="2"/> </frames> </obj_info> ... <obj_info name="p_foot_walk_a" type="sprite"> <frames> <i folder="5" file="1"/> <i folder="5" file="5"/> </frames> </obj_info> <obj_info name="pelvis" type="bone" w="200" h="10"/> ... <obj_info name="back_foot" type="bone" w="200" h="10"/> Is this normal?
  5. Is there already a scon parser? I'm trying to write one but the scon file is a bit different than the scml. For instance there is no spriter_data element in the Json file. The object/array structure is also a bit different ant the xml dom structure
  6. Why do you need to collect the header files? You only need to set the include directory so the compiler finds them.
  7. Instead of changing the values in the engine, you can overwrite them in your implementation with calling the following somewhere: SpriterEngine::Settings::reverseYOnLoad = true;
  8. Great to see the CMake changes getting used by someone. I had the same problem with the qt 5 screne graph port. With the added problem that the nodes need to be created from a separate thread when asked to by the renderer. I solved it by relying on the zOrder returned by the sprite entity. This seems to be reliable. And the vectors aren't removed when they change so it's safe to keep the pointer to it.
  9. My SpriterPlusPlusQt is now in a working state. You should now be able to build and run it. Using it from QML is very easy. I created an example that's more or less the same as the SFML one (creating 100 random entities). Each frame is 10ms, so performance is good. Now I need to add more features (sound, ...) and optimize a bit. Still a question, are there some dimensions on the animation as a whole I could use? A bounding box.
  10. I've uploaded my WIP on github under SpriterPlusPlusQt
  11. I'm writing a Qt implementation. I also include a documentwrapper using QtDom (a xml library). It seems this library doesn't provide access to xml attributes in a specific order (this is according to xml spec). So I've made a pull request to not expect the attributes to be in the right order. I've also used Valgrind to check for memory leaks and found a bunch of issues. I've added commits for that in the same pull request. Feel free to cherry-pick what you want. I also noticed something strange. In EntityInstanceData::setObjectInstance and other methods of the class, the id's already exist. So if you do ...map.insert(...) it basically does nothing, yet a new object is created in the method that's never deleted. I've added a check and a error message. I didn't check where the double id's came from.
  12. I've added a pull request for a gcc change and a fix for header files not found. I could build the engine now with: cd spriterengine LANG=C g++ -std=c++14 -shared -fPIC -I. */*.cpp -o spriterengine.so (LANG=C only because I like the terminal output in English)
  13. I don't like the layout of the repo. I think the spriterengine should be in it's own repository, so I can add it as a git submodule to my project. You could then add another repo with the example. Adding binary files to the repo is a bit strange. You could add a download link in the README or add them to the Release tab. And this repo is meant for developers that want to build their own implementation, so they'll need to build it anyway. Only using Visual studio as build option is a bit cumbersome for Unix/Linux devs. CMake would be a great option. It's cross platform and extendable. You could add it to the example and the engine and let them work together. SFML is also using it.
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