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  1. Thanks, maybe it would be a good thing to ship a small list with the shortcuts with the product?
  2. MikeHart

    Spriter B1 Release

    Lucid, thanks for the info. I am not a Kickstarter backer but BOUGHT your software through your website. I wasn't aware that I have to go through video tutorials to get the information I need. And did you mean your bug tracker or a specific topic in your forum? I see people posting feedback and problems in this topic, in some other topics and on the bugtracker. rIKmAN: Yes I am and I find it very strange that you misinform people about a total nonrelated thing to Spriter just because you didn't like it that I critize the development of it. As you have just started to use Monkey let me tell you that the code that shipped with the book ran fine when the book was released. Changes in Monkey over the year broke it at some points. Till v69 it where 4 or five lines of code you needed to change and with V70 and the removal of list.Remove it now broke more. And update of the code is on its way to PacktPub. Everyone, and I mean everyone (about 5-6 people) who approached me about these got helped right away. There is the issues section of the goodle code site, the monkey forum and I have a support place too. So far no one have posted erratas to the book to PacktPub so I guess people are fine with it anyway. Issues with the code inside the book should have been found by the technical editors, but hey, guess they didn't do the job right, or? And yes, I am not satisfied with the state of Spriter after the rewrite. If it is labeled as beta, then it should be feature complete and only bugs are an issue. I waited to use the software till it is in beta state. But if you need to warch videos to find out how to use the software, then at least the UI needs a strong face lift so you can do things from the menu or buttons. Am I as a paying customer not allowed to voice my disappointment? Is the use of "fricking bones" to much for your soft soul. Give me a brake. :roll: Lucid, sorry that I needed to take the topic slightly offtopic but I didn't want to let the misinformation of this kid unanswered. I won't write more to it if he is motivated to go one with his little war.
  3. How do I set and modify Bones in SpriterB1?
  4. On SpriterGL (OSX) dragging the body parts in the hierachy listbox results in that the entry dissapears and no reording is done!
  5. MikeHart

    Spriter B1 Release

    Were can I find the most current night builds for OSX? I see you posted newer version for windows but the links in the first post still point to the April 8th version.
  6. MikeHart

    Spriter B1 Release

    Mmmh, Lucid himself described it as a BETA version in the very first topic, sooo it is a beta. I don't need to link you towards the definition of a beta state of software, do i?
  7. MikeHart

    Spriter B1 Release

    Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts or even a documentation for using this app? To call this a beta, well...... :-/ To me it looks more like a release to keep the people quite from bitching because there were no new releases for a long time. I slowly can understand why some of your backers started to create their own stuff or went to the competition. For an example I try to change the hirachy via dragging the entries in the list box. Besides then something disappearing in the list, nothing changes. How do you create and modify frickin bones? Overall I am pretty disappointed by Spriter, not impressed anymore at all.
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