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  1. Hi everyone, thanks to the team, I can use the Pro version (non-steam version) on Linux. More specifically: current Arch linux on 64 bit. It works almost flawlessly, however there is an export bug that I've got, when I try to export animated gif. I'm still testing of course, but this is the only problem I have yet. I've tried to link in the system's own libMagick libraries, even the system's own png.* but no luck. If I'm right this is a problem with ImageMagick implementation but I have no more clue about it. My workaround for now, is to use `convert` from ImageMagick and create an anim
  2. Hi Mike, I want to thank you for your help in public too. So... Thank you very much, I appreciate it :)
  3. Hi there, I've bought the Spriter pro during the Summer sale. My problem is, that I've changed my operating system to linux, and it looks like, that I can't manage to work with the steam version. I've tried the free 64 bit version downloaded from the website, and it's works like a charm. I'm on arch linux (I know, it's unsupported), and I think the only way I can go, is to ask that how can I run the standalone (non-steam) Spriter Pro with my Steam license? Or is it not possible? Edit: maybe I have another solution, a virtual machine with windows, but if it's possible to make it work on linux
  4. Hi everyone, first and most important: thank you for the Spriter Pro. It's really amazing thing. :) But here comes the sad part. I'm on OSX too, and experiencing the crashes, and the big big slow down. If I disable the opengl mode, then it's way slower (also the app starts flickering) so it doesn't helping me. I know that there is much much work, but when will be a new release, that hopefully solves these issues? Edit 1: Oh and btw: Macbook Pro mid 2010 here Edit 2: If I'm right, the problem is the overall rendering performance in the UI. I've noticed that the steam overlay is slow to
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