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    Tibs(CreaByte) reacted to vgcarlos in Cat in a Hat Team looking for Artist+Animator   
    Hey I just downloaded the Spriter Pro version not too long ago. I am interested in helping out doing UI and such and heck, I may even help out in animation if needed since I'm dedicated to learning this software. If you're still looking for help let me know. I may not be the greatest animator but I'll do my best to help out and such.  :smile:
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    Tibs(CreaByte) reacted to Ad.Dany in Cat in a Hat Team looking for Artist+Animator   
    Excellent Best Wishes :)
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    Tibs(CreaByte) got a reaction from JohnnyType in Cat in a Hat Team looking for Artist+Animator   
    Hey Spriter Community!
    I'm Tibs, and I'm the director for CIAH Team's first major project, Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Epsiode.
    I won't go into details about our project right now, as you'll be able to get a good overview of it on our website

    Aeon Chronicles Website

    We're currently a 0$ budget team, working on this because we love it, thus, none of our 9 members are currently being paid, so we're looking for someone that would like to work with us voluntarily. Although it is a free-time project we impose internal deadlines to ensure smooth development. We are, however, very flexible, as we usually work in a results-based environment, and week-by-week(sometimes more, depending on the scale of the current task) basis. It should also be mentioned that we're using this game as a startup for our team as an indie game dev studio, so upon this game project, if you wish, you'll be able to continue to collaborate with us, hopefully as a paid position then.

    Currently, we need an Artist + Animator with experience in Spriter(Pro). If you consider yourself experienced but lack the Pro License, you can also contact us as we'll be holding a crowd-funding campaign(possibly Indiegogo) soon to raise funds for license fees and other software fees(along with any Pro licenses needed). Currently, our two animators using Spriter have a Pro license though. Before the campaign however, we'll be holding a pre-campaign with the Square Enix Collective.

    In this position, we'll be looking at an on-demand based art-work. This means, one week you may be working on some animation, and two weeks later you may be doing some UI design(non-concept, but finalized in-game UI). Here's what you can expect soon after joining, as this is what we need at the moment:
    - UI Design
    - Sprite Animation
    - Promotional Material

    We're looking to have an Alpha version of the game by mid-July, having June mainly as a Development-oriented month, and after July focusing on some PM(Promotional Material), including our Story Trailer, Alpha footage trailer, and Campaign assets.

    If you're interested in this position, as it is an urgent request, leave a comment below or contact us directly at catinahatstudios@gmail.com

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