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    Super Meat Hands reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter Plug-in for Construct 2   
    Have you tried yet with a different browser or incogneto/private tab? I'm pretty sure the page is fine and it's an issue with the cache in your browser or IP.
    If that doesn't work, download and unzip this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/142IMdqqn3pSqf3F_T7Tslxm7V1pOuKDl/view?usp=sharing
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    Super Meat Hands reacted to Super Meat Hands in Which platforms would you like Spriter support on?   
    Adventure Game Studio FROM http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk. It's a "point and click" game maker that allows you to make your own adventure games like the ones in the 90's. It allows you to create plugins for both the engine and editor.
    The AGS Engine Plugin Information page, and the AGS Editor Plugin Information page.
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    Super Meat Hands reacted to Dkiearth in Dynamic Lighting with Spriter animations   
    with the current version of sprite dlight and with unity that's the closets that i got to rim light with my current character sprites, the light is behind the character and right, and there is another low intensity light  in front and left just so the character will not be completely dark, when the light is exactly behind the character is no rim light at all, no matter the range or the intensity, but there are workarounds on that issue, 

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