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  1. Hi I'm the maintainer of the implementation of Spriter for the Moai SDK game engine : https://github.com/sshukul/MoaiSpriter I was having some problems with rotations of sprites attached to bones which I'm guessing has to do with pivot points. Basically when I rotate a bone attached sprite, the pivot point seems off during the tween (images attached). The actual keyframes render correctly. This makes sense as right now my plugin just sets it to the default pivot point which is the top left corner of the sprite, but it looks like within Spriter the sprites attached to bones have
  2. Hi Mike Sorry didn't check the forum for a while ... I can't seem to replicate this issue anymore. Might have been related to my OSX version but can't be sure. I was on El Capitan at the time I discovered the bug and I've updated to Sierra in the meantime. I do have another issue though; when I use the Copy and "Paste to all keys" feature to paste a selection of bones and sprites to all keys, it doesn't maintain the Z-order of the copied sprite and pastes it on top of everything else. I then have to manually set the z-order in every keyframe. Not sure if this is supposed to be inten
  3. Undo doesn't work in Mac versions sometimes. Not Cmd-Z and not if I select Edit->Undo. Just does nothing. Seems to happen right after I save a file, it can no longer undo to the state right before the save.
  4. Tons of random crashes on Mac OSX ! r7 was finally quite stable on macs after a lot of crashes in the early versions but the number has gone up again in 8. One crash report below: Process: Spriter [46537] Path: /Applications/Spriter.app/Contents/MacOS/Spriter Identifier: com.BrashMonkey.Spriter Version: ??? Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: Spriter [46537] User ID: 501 Date/Time: 2016-06-27 07:52:55.789 +0800 OS Version: Mac OS X 10
  5. If anyone is still looking to use Spriter with Moai, I've built upon the great work of miletbaker and kreios to create a fully functional and stable Spriter integration with Moai now. https://github.com/sshukul/MoaiSpriter Kreios' plugin worked with bones at a basic level but it broke in most real world bones animations, as soon as there was nesting of bones with higher level bones moving independently. It also didn't work with custom pivot points, and there was a problem with the "spin" attribute for rotations that went past 360 degrees. Neither of the plugins worked with sprite te
  6. I need an experienced Spriter animator (paid of course) to create some walk cycle and fighting animations for some characters with existing photographic art. It is for the sequel to this game: http://elev8games.com/index.php/games-menu/lost-in-paradise As mentioned, the art for these characters already exists, and I have already split up into body parts (these can be refined if needed), just need an experienced animator to do a walk cycle for each, as well as some fighting animations (slash, parry, dodge etc.) There are also a lot of existing animations t
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