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  1. - I would like to help more when there are bugs, so it would be great to have more details when Spriter crash (a log or something). - When the scml is malformed, Spriter should not crash and should say "cannot read scml" and explain the reason.
  2. Same here on my windows Seven (4Go RAM). My file is heavy : 715ko I have 1400 images handled by the project but the problem seems to occur with less images too. Spriter take 1,7Go of memory for my project. Please see the gif attached. Problem 1 : you can see the images from the keyframe on the z-order panel but an image is missing in the working panel... Problem 2 : I can't change the background color So I guess the images are not correctly loaded or something. Spriter crashes quickly when I try to work on this file. I must admit that I try to change the scml myself by hand for few days because Spriter can no longer handle my project without bug and crashes. Hope Spriter will be optimized soon !
  3. Thanks, it will be great. For now, I can make an entity merging feature in my Spriter Api or maybe find some advanced xml merging as RunnerPack suggests. My initial problem was that I had some trouble with Spriter when using something like 1000 images in a project. So, I had to create few lighter Spriter project and then merge them.
  4. Hi, I tried the Merge feature (all option). It didn't work. I have same names for my entities in each scml but different name for the animation. I want to merge all animation from other file in the right entity. When I click on the merge feature, I have a progress window, but at the end, nothing change at all. Example (entities in Bold and animation in Italic): File 1 : left idle right idle File 2 : left walk right walk expected result : left idle walk right idle walk
  5. Thanks. I've got something working for everything in my Api now. Commit incoming in few minutes :)
  6. How can I implement the boxes, points, variables and tags ? Do I have to keep their current references at the current time in an array or something inside the Animation object (from scml reference) ? thanks, [Edit : I think I get it with Point and Tags. I guess same thing apply to variables. I wondering why we can put variables everywhere. Only on the meta timeline matters in my opinion]
  7. Hi, Here is a minor suggestion for the timeline. It will be great to have a different color for the cursor. Because the cursor is white, and the key frame is white as well, so it's difficult to see the cursor. It will be better with red or orange. thanks,
  8. Hi Mike, I think it imports depending on the order in the file inspector and not alpha-numerically. The problem is : the file inspector lists the files sometimes in the alpha-num sometimes in the opposite order. When the files are in the wrong order, I can have the right order back by relaunching Spriter. So, I think it's a bug. It's annoying because, I can't import on the timeline when it's in the wrong order, because I will have a backward walk for example. I have to close and open Spriter until the alpha-num order is back. Please see the image attached to this post. Is it possible to add a snapping frames feature when importing on the timeline and calculate the end time automatically ? Because I have to calculate myself each time I import a sequence. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I'm using the "Import selected images as new object" features. Sometimes, it doesn't import the images in the right order. I think the problem comes from the folder's inspector (palette window) because I've already see that sometimes the images are not in the right order in this window. I would like the images displayed in this order : a_image_001 a_image_100 f_image_001 f_image_002 Thanks.
  10. Thanks guys for your answers. I'm targeting computer. I think I will use multiple scml but I'll will probably merge the files later since all animations are the same for all characters and use character map I guess. I have 15 or 20 animations per character, so I can't add a suffix as Valerien suggest, because it will be unreadable (up to 80 animations in the file without the ability to unfold the tree :/). So for now, I have this : Code-side I don't have any problem, I have a strong api. I just have to do this : //playAnimFromEntity(entity:String, anim:String); playAnimFromEntity("left", "walk"); .
  11. Hi everyone, I'm wondering what is the best way to organize many chararacters, animations and directions in Spriter. I have 10 characters. Each character has 10 animations (same for all characters). And each animation has 4 directions (left, right, top, bottom). Do I have to create a file for each character and organize each file like this : [*:1cch5rn2]left (entity) [*:1cch5rn2]idle (animation) [*:1cch5rn2]walk (animation) [*:1cch5rn2]right(entity) [*:1cch5rn2]idle (animation) [*:1cch5rn2]walk (animation) Or maybe create one file with every character as an entity : [*:1cch5rn2]knight (entity) [*:1cch5rn2]left_idle (animation) [*:1cch5rn2]right_idle (animation) Or create one file with every direction as an entity and every animation as an animation. To change the character I can use the charMap feature : [*:1cch5rn2]left(entity) [*:1cch5rn2]idle (animation) [*:1cch5rn2]walk (animation) What are your thoughts?
  12. Hi, on the Import Frames feature : - You can't set more than 999 ms for the end time. - When you drag and drop the image on the canvas after setting the end time, the duration is not updated. So the import is wrong (wrong duration). To have a correct duration, you have to click on the textfield first right now.
  13. Hi, We can't save the snapping interval and we have to set it each time we open the scml file with Spriter. So, it will be really good to have the ability to save these datas. Thanks. I'm very excited for the b8 release :p
  14. Hi, Snapping interval in frames is a great feature and thanks for that. I would like to have a drag and drop feature on the timeline. For example, you select a group of images and drag them to the timeline. Then Spriter drop all the images in order on the timeline (image_001 in frame 1, image_002 in frame 2, etc.). I'd really appreciate this feature.
  15. Hi, you can try SpriterHaxeEngine(made with haxe language). Haxe make you available C++ compilation. I have to add Variables and Sounds in few days. You can find an scml working with b7 on Spriter-example.
  16. Try to press on F2 key :) Can we have a documentation of the SCML changes ? because it breaks my implementation (which works with b6.1)
  17. loudo

    Interface bug

    Hello, Here are some bugs : 1. When we click on the current time box (timeline pannel), the numbers are selected but we can't change it by typing on the numpad. We have to clic again on the current time box. 2. When we right click on an image on the scene to change it, all the images of the folder appear, but when we have a lot of images in this folder we can't see all of them because some of them are outside the scene pannel. They should organize in a tilelist and not in a horizontal list. It will be good to have the name of the image too.
  18. Yes ! I really need that ! :) We need a way to make curveType = instant to all frames in a timeline, because setting it manually for all frame is too long.
  19. Thank you very much for your time.
  20. Thanks lucid. I did it. I have an animation working with character mapping. :) So, let's checking if I did it correctly : To display an image on screen, we take the folder's id and the file's id in the SpriteTimelineKey class, and then we use folders's array or activeCharacterMap's array stored in the ScmlObject class to retrieve the file name, right ?
  21. I'm trying to understand how I can implement the Character Mapping in as3 and haxe libraries. Is this feature is fully implemented in the software ? How can I implement this in the library ? I'm not sure there are enough details in the SCML ref for this feature. Can you help ? Thanks.
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