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  1. Sorry for hijacking, but i've asked the same question here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=591&start=10#p24553 Is it possible to do something with it? Or is it a different case?
  2. Resurrecting to ask a quick question. When i've purchased a Pro version, i've received links to essentials packs. Downloaded just fine, but some time later i had a problem with my hard drive and lost these. Recently i wanted to re-download them again from my "purchase page", but all i see is "Download Expired". Is it possible to download these or they are like "limited time offer" ?
  3. Seems that properties already added! Great news! Thank you! One thing i'd like to ask, since i haven't seen much detailed info about them. Is there any possibility to create a predefined list of properties? I'll explain. Imagine that with each project there might be a JSON file with a list of properties for this project. This list is defined by a programmer for an artist. When an artist needs to add a property for an entity, he just picks one from the list and only sets the value. He doesn't need to enter the name of the property, since a lot of times this leads to some problems and typos. So the programmer prepares the list with names and types (and possibly with min/max/step parameters) and the artist just fills the values for appropriate ones. This of course should be combined with a possibility to add properties manually. What do you think? Would be awesome if this is possible.
  4. Hi! I'm new here and perhaps this was already discussed, so sorry if it was. I was thinking about custom properties per entity. Was this already addressed? If not, i'll explain what i meant it in details.
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