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  1. So, I apologize as I did this wrong but... I posted what I think is a bug here: Is this behavior typical? Is it making the ajax calls over and over because there are many instances of that spriter object? That's the best guess I had so far...
  2. I had been noticing that my load times were getting huge once I switched to the "Draw Self = true" method with the spritesheets in C2. Other than this bug, I have loved it, but basically what happens for some reason is this: so it ends up d/ling 80 MB when the entire project is only 14 MB. You can even see it live if you'd like to by opening the debug console before going here: http://www.snesexplainseverything.com/justEp1/ Thanks, please let me know if you need any more info or how I can help.
  3. Absolutely, will do. And while I am not concerned about this, but in order to reproduce it I had to zip the folder as a whole, would you mind after debugging just deleting all the project files I send you? I was only able to do it specifically with this folder structure so I had to zip it the way it exists today for it to work...
  4. The bug I am getting causes Spriter to shut down completely and, while at first I thought it was happening every time I tried to import one project into another, I now realize it is happening only with specific spriter files. I tried to debug it in Visual studio only so that I could potentially give you guys more information in an error shot, so those are attached. I can also provide the scml file for which it bugs out if you'd like? Thanks,
  5. Awesome! If I upgrade to this, will the exported scml/scon files still work correctly with the Spriter Plugin for Construct 2?
  6. So, I learned something new today. If you open that gif in photoshop it's going to turn each frame into a layer automatically. it's like layer 14. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aqvj6cwf53napbs/banner2BugExample.png?dl=0 I also capped it (there) :)
  7. I'll try and reproduce it in a slower version... I just tried to screen cap it and it's only 1 of the 20 frames and I was not fast enough. (Thanks on the art :) ).
  8. This bug that I found can be described super fast by just showing you the result. This is a gif exported from spriter (which is working much better in the most recent release btw, props!). It looks like I accidentally clicked the image while it was exporting and it actually put the trace from the GUI in spriter into the export. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tm5gw77g8t895un/banner2.gif?dl=0
  9. About 2 years ago I started teaching myself programming in order to bring an idea to life that I had had for a long time and was really just a pet/hobby project. Thanks to your software and art packs I have really been able to make it breathe; granted it's totally a self funded non-commercial project at the moment, but I am really enjoying it. I added a little creditation on the site, hope you dig it. Anyway, hopefully it will be a success and I know Spriter will be. Thanks! Check it out if you can, I put it in the works in progress forum as well. http://www.snesexplainseverything.com/
  10. Bump due to added episodes 1,2, and 3. Getting closer to a more com Strength is for mercy The Prologue that Came After the Beginning Limericks and Lillipads
  11. Will it still function with the Construct 2 Spriter plugin? I tried doing it and it gave me an error but I thought maybe I was doing something wrong or needed to add a step when doing it this way? Thanks,
  12. Will the most recent version of the Construct 2 Plugin still work with this beta release? These features are awesome but I do not want to break the animations I already have of course....
  13. Hey, thought this might be a cool time to share this and would love any thoughts feedback. What I have created, or am creating, is an episodic RPG that really runs more like a "choose your own adventure" narrative a la Telltale Games newer stuff. A lot of it is still being built in, but the primary purpose is to interact with and read a story and hopefully enjoy the jokes and easter eggs. What I have here is the latest Beta of Episode 1 which will be releasing on www.snesexplainseverything.comlive on July 1st time frame. All music is original, a lot of the art is original but a lot taken from Open game art or other copyright free sources. Anyway, here's the beta link. http://snesexplainseverything.com/lates ... index.html Strength is for mercy The Prologue that Came After the Beginning Limericks and Lillipads
  14. Is this build of Spriter (b7) supported by the Construct 2 Plugin? Thanks.
  15. I misspoke, I am using a newer feature but I cannot recall which build it was released on. But I am using the "Set Object Scale" action. I will try it with that removed...
  16. So, when the layout starts in construct 2, there are essentially speech boxes that come in as the dialog is played and the user clicks or touches to progress the dialog. The bug ONLY comes up if they click too soon on the FIRST dialog box. When I say too soon, I mean I have a flag for when the text is completed. If they hit the box before then, the first one, it fires the bug. I don't think I am using any features only from B6. My best guess is that I am setting the initial animation for my chracter in the properties dialog in Construct 2 and also in the event sheet... I hate to say this... I didn't spot it until I clicked differently so I am not sure. I apologize as that is not a great explanation, I know you are busy but I will e-mail you the capx in case you can take a look. Thank you.
  17. sure where to go next as far as trying to figure out what's going on with it... Can someone help me understand what I'm looking at here? Is it saying I am using a trigger that is grabbing spriter instances?
  18. Happy holidays and merry Christmas!
  19. I have been working with game effects art pack for some time now and I just wanted to say thank you and that they are great. Also wanted to ask if there will be more in the near future? I am particularly interested in ones that are almost identical to the effects pack one. Maybe weather effects? Spell effects? Anyway, thanks.
  20. Thank you, I'll keep you updated as it rolls out in case anyone wants to check it out. For now I'll just do my best on the art piece on my own but it would be great to get someone who could help with animations in spriter!
  21. http://snesexplainseverything.com My sprites are fairly basic as far as detail, but I am looking for a nostalgic effect and my primary goal is in depth story telling. I have some pretty good face art (see avatar) but if I could find someone who did any free lance pixel art/spriter stuff. For now I am learning as I go with spriter and doing small things for a touch of extra sentiment etc. (cape moving in this for example). Music is original as well. Would love any thoughts.
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