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  1. Hiya, So I spent a morning playing around with Spriter and I really like the way it's headed. Here's a couple of points that I jotted down. Apologies if these have already been mentioned / planned or are just down to me being ignorant somehow! - I found it really confusing when you drop a new item onto timeline where there's already keyframes, and your object disappears after the other keyframes. I get that what you're meant to do is use the Paste to all Keys option in the edit menu, but this feels counter-intuitive to me. I would naturally expect a new object to exist across all keyframes by
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    Hi... my first post.... Firstly congrats on Spriter... I've spent the morning having a good play and it's really coming along. I'm really looking forward to being able to use it in projects. I just wanted to ask if there's any plan on when easing options will be added to tweens between keyframes? That one feature would make the whole thing a thousand times more powerful imo. Thanks!
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