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  1. Hiya, So I spent a morning playing around with Spriter and I really like the way it's headed. Here's a couple of points that I jotted down. Apologies if these have already been mentioned / planned or are just down to me being ignorant somehow! - I found it really confusing when you drop a new item onto timeline where there's already keyframes, and your object disappears after the other keyframes. I get that what you're meant to do is use the Paste to all Keys option in the edit menu, but this feels counter-intuitive to me. I would naturally expect a new object to exist across all keyframes by default, or at least to be given this option when adding something. - When adding a series of bones, it's impossible to release the mouse button after making a bone, and immediately click again to add a new bone as it thinks you're trying to move the previous one rather than make a new one. The only way I could find around this was to always leave a little gap between bones, and move them back into place afterwards which is a bit bonkers. - Hard to tell whether a timeline layer label applies to the keyframe dots above or below it. Surely the text on the layer names should be exactly in line with the keyframes? - I really wanted to be able to temporarily hide some layers or object while I was working on others. - This is a small aesthetic point, but on OSX there is an odd and rather jerky animation of the application window scaling up to 100% as it first opens when you start the app. The fact that it's jerky screams "cheap and flaky" to me which is the very first impression you get of Spriter, and reminds me of every rubbish non-cocoa Adobe app . I'd argue just get rid of that animation and have the window open normally. Thanks!
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    Hi... my first post.... Firstly congrats on Spriter... I've spent the morning having a good play and it's really coming along. I'm really looking forward to being able to use it in projects. I just wanted to ask if there's any plan on when easing options will be added to tweens between keyframes? That one feature would make the whole thing a thousand times more powerful imo. Thanks!
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