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  1. it works, no bug there, didnt think of the alt click. thanks! great work. whos gonna give me back around 10 hours of my life now? :D
  2. Sorry if this was asked for already, but I don't know how to search one thread only instead of searching whole forums. It would be a great user experience improvement if I could select multiple keys with selection box on the timeline (right now I can select multiple keys only by holding ctrl and clicking them, when I have around 20 sprites and I want to delete keys for 19 of them in 10 frames, i must ctrl+click 190 times, and guess what happens if I miss the little grey circle? all keys become unselected ;) Nightmare. I'm begging you for this one :)
  3. hey, thanks for the quick reply, I just tried this on a new project using exaple sprites from hero example and it worked fine (well I had to tap ctrl+C a few times for it to react, but that's not a biggy) - so I couldn't reproduce the "_001" effect and this is probably because the previous scml was from an earlier version or something. using windows 7 here if that helps. I will try to reproduce this in a new scml file with the hero example, if I succeed I will post with steps. cheers! edit: ok, I get it now: 1) the ctrl+v works second time i press it - this is probably a bug of some kind. 2) w
  4. You cannot copy / paste objects between animations and when you add a sprite.png to an animation while it exists in another animation, it creates a "sprite_000" object, which I hope is not by design :) . I want to have the same object across multiple animations and right now cannot. Aside, great update to copy/paste system, the "paste in all frames" and "delete from all frames" works great! good job!
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