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  1. Hi there! i can see Spriter is growing nicely! Its looking better and better! What is the guesstimate for version 1.0 to be released? Thanks! Radim
  2. Thanks XtraTrstrL! i am not sure if this is right place to gives uggestions here, but SPACEBAR for playback/pause would be great! Cheers! Radim
  3. Thanks Lucid, Onion Skinning looks great from the first look, if i find some problems i will tell you. And great you will be adding the ability to add an object to all frames, its important feature. I succesfully drag objects from the Object Palette as you describe. Is it possible also with bones? i wasnt succesfull at that. Cheers! Radim
  4. great, thanks a lot! I am just exploring program and getting used to it. I stuck at another thing: I made animation and now i want to add new bone for new limb of the character. I added it on the first keyframe, but the bone disappear with another keyframe. Is there some way how to add new bone to already existing skeleton or i need to have all the bones from the begining? Also when i add new sprite, it disappears after the next keyframe. Thanks! Radim
  5. Thanks, list of shortcuts would be great! Radim
  6. Hi there! is there onion skinnig in spriter b1? how can i control it? Thanks! Radim
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