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  1. Thank you. :D Good to hear you like the art, I wasn't sure whether I should go with this version or pixel-art. /isaacsburns you posted a fix? I'm gonna go check out. By the way, thanks a ton! Once Brashmonkey releases the new version with the ability to merge projects, my work process will be complete.
  2. I really need a feature to import an animation from other scml files. Currently I am exporting the photoshop layers as one scml file, because there are many parts in my PSD file and I just can't imagine myself dragging them all to the right positions one by one in Spriter. But that makes me unable to have one project, because I can't merge the scml files. By the way, it is still impossible to set key frames for seperate parts. I suspect it would be too much to ask, but why don't you do it the Adobe After Effects style, so the parts of the body don't have to move alltogether? This is a core fea
  3. I am stuck. I would be really glad if you were still following this thread... and if you would help me. I'm getting this message the whole time. It seems that I can't export these layers without adding a root group... for which I don't actually have a need right now. Could you or someone please help me?
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