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    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Agreed. Absolutely incomprehensible that Godot isn't supported from the get-go. Such a shame and a whopping waste of an opportunity.
  2. Yes, well... I would love to support Spriter's evolution, but I use Godot and Spriter 1 never received any support for it. My copy of Spriter lies dusting away somewhere on my drives. Never could use it, unfortunately. And now I discover that yet again Godot is not going to be supported. What a disappointment. I don't understand how Godot, being a very popular engine now, is not supported. In particular seeing it is arguably one of the best (if not the most flexible) true native 2d game engines on the market today. Unfortunately, it seems you have decided that you are not interested
  3. Well, looking at the SCML specs, and the output file of Papagayo, I should be able to write a quick converter, and copy and paste the SCML timeline code. I'll get back to you in a couple of days (work is busy ;-)
  4. Uhmmmm? No-one seems to know? Will the upcoming pro version have animation curves? What about support for Papagayo? Would be great for easy lip-synch for talking characters, and implementation seems rather straightforward seeing that Spriter can already change sprites easily.
  5. Hi, I just bought a pro license today, and as an animator I think Spriter is starting to look great. That said, for any serious animator animation curves are absolutely essential to polish the final animation to a high standard. The version I downloaded from the home page does not support animation curves yet - so my question: will the pro version include this feature? Also, have you thought about importing and supporting a program like Papagayo for quick 'n dirty lip synching? Their code is available for inspection (GPL). http://www.lostmarble.com/papagayo/index.shtml
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