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  1. Just saw this response, my problem isn't frame based. It's that selecting one object shows me key frames for all the other objects. For example my bug character has about 30 key frame on the wings, but the body only has 5. If I want to animate the body, I have to constantly find the key frames for the body.
  2. I made this teaser trailer for a game I'm developing. It's built in Construct and uses Spriter for all of the animations. And a screenshot
  3. I'm having some trouble animating an insect like creature. My problem is that the wings have keyframes every 30ms. When I want to just animate the body, I have to drag the timeline up, check out where the keyframes are for that bone and then animate at that point. Not such a huge deal, but it's a pain to press 1 or 2 to snap to keyframes when I have to go through every keyframe for the wings. Snapping to keyframes also scrolls the timeline window back to the top, so if I'm trying to see where a bone's keyframes are and that bone is close to the bottom of the timeline window, I now also hav
  4. I've gotten an error importing to Construct 2. The sprites aren't displaying correctly for some reason. I emailed the Spriter and Construct project files a few days ago to Lucid@brashmonkey.com and wanted to make sure they were received. The email should be from a stealthfrogstudios domain. Thanks! -Lou
  5. Unfortunately I deleted the file before I saw your response. The problem can be recreated by taking any Spriter project, deleting some of the sprite files (directly from the windows folder, not from within Spriter), and saving the project. When you open up the scml file in an editor, it still references the deleted file even though they're no longer used.
  6. This is probably a complicated feature to ask for, but here goes - a way to work with high res sprites and then export a lower res version. Spriter would create a new directory with the new scaled down sprites and a new scml file. This would be useful to future proof my assets so that I wouldn't have to reanimate everything if using the high res versions became viable.
  7. I created a rigged character in Spriter. I realized that I have to separate the upper part of the body from the bottom so that the character can aim while moving. I saved two different scml files and deleted the unused bones and images, so I have the torso up on one rig and the pelvis down on the other rig. However, the scml file still references the deleted images and causes an error when I try to use the scml file in Construct. How can I properly remove the images so that they are no longer referenced?
  8. I'm using Spriter pro and it's great so far. Some things that really would help: - Too many shortcuts and not enough buttons. Shortcuts are great, but I'm old and forget things easily :) - Remap shortcuts. I'm so used to things like < and > to move the timeline to the next\previous keyframes from 3D Studio Max. Again I'm old my brain gets messed up moving between the two programs - Also this is Construct specific - blending between animations. It would be great to be able to define the length of the blend too. Thanks!
  9. Yeah pretty much. It would be faster to just create a hierarchy of sprites especially if I wasn't going to use IK. Not a huge deal, but it would eliminate a step. For some reason I thought this was supported in the a4.1 version...maybe not. Another question - Is there a proper way to delete an object? When I hit delete now, it deletes the object at that frame, but I want to remove it from the entire animation. Thanks for the snap to keyframe and IK tip.
  10. I've done a search, but couldn't figure out how to create a hierarchy of sprites. I can link them to bones, but I don't really need to use a bone system. Seems like an extra step at this point anyway since there is no IK yet. Some suggestions - It would be nice to have an option to snap to keyframes when scrubbing the timeline. It's sometimes difficult to pinpoint where a keyframe is. - Sometimes it's difficult to rotate bones. I end up moving them or selecting another bone by accident. Maybe make the selection point to rotate a little larger. - During bone setup, I want to scale the bone
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