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  1. It has some little story here. It's based on the original work by talentless (https://github.com/talentless/spriter-cocos2d) which is implemented in Objective-C. Then young20 took it (I strongly believe that because after took a look at the source code is similar in logic and structure) and ported it into C++ working with cocos2d-x, you can found at https://github.com/young40/Spriter-Cocos2d-X. Anyway I tested the work by young20 but found some un-expected behavior such as - animation is too fast - flipping in x-axis doesn't work So I modified it based on his work along with some minor fixed and additions, and it's tested against alpha 6 format. You can find it at https://github.com/haxpor/Spriter-Cocos2d-X. Some more information + video which I blogged a couple weeks ago is here: http://haxpor.org/post/34350003417/a-first-participation-over-github-relief. Left monster is modified from Spriter tool to have a bigger head during animation to test things out. Note: Right now there's one thing, I don't finish fixing it as you can see from the video or image in my blog link. That problem has existed since young20's work. Some parts of image of monster are missing. I'm not sure what's the problem and I don't have much time to look into it further as the current state of my project doesn't require to use this great tool anymore, so I guess anyone interests to use this Spriter for cocos2d-x has to look it around yourself. I reported this to young20 along with pull request but no response yet. So if you read this, feel free to make any action :) Thanks guys and thanks Spriter team for making this tool. Enjoy digging some more!
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