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  1. Hey everyone, we've been using Spriter to do animation in our game... which we're trying to get Green-lit over on Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=177157011 I'd really appreciate any votes, that the generous people on the this forum are willing to provide.
  2. Hi Mike, this is a very nice addition, but since you can animate the pivot, it doesn't really remove the need for having a precise way to edit pivots in the object properties.
  3. jason.a

    What's left to do

    I second that. It's a lot less frustrating than arriving at the site, with only imaginary cricket noises to greet me!
  4. Ok guys, what's going on? Back in October you promised way more frequent updates after a4.1 was done.... then nothing. You promised a build by mid December, nothing, then by the end of the year, nothing. Then by mid January. Mid January rolls around and you promise a build in a "few more days" ... then after about 3-4 days, you promised a build in a "few more days" .... . Now it's January 24th. We haven't had a build since October!.... So what's going on? I actually really don't mind if the build takes until 2014, but what I do mind is when I perceive a promise has been made to me, and that promise isn't kept. It rubs me wrong. How about a little straight shooting? And maybe a realistic projection of when a new build might be available? I also program, so I feel for you in that respect. When I make schedules I estimate how long it will take, assuming 8 hour days, then I double that time. It seems to work pretty well. But please, whatever you do, don't tell me mid-February, if it's really not going to be mid February. I apologize if I'm coming across rude, I know there are factors that I'm not aware of, but since I'm not aware of them, I can't understand them. Please see this from the perspective of a user who sent you money, and actually logs into your forum every morning to check to see if there is any news. Thank you, Jason
  5. @lucid, woops... That would be Windows 7 x64... I know it's ridiculous, but the loose files, in PNG form are very very large compared to how they end up after we've packed them.
  6. Lucid, it's looking great!! I'm chomping at the bit to get this update. I wanted to also ask if there will be an x64 build available? We've been hitting problems where we run out of memory, due to the size, and number of bitmaps.
  7. Over on GitHub there's a nice JavaScript spriter reference implementation available, and free to use. It's called spriter.js, I'm not including a link because it will cause my post to be moderated. There's an example web page that will let you preview your anims from your browser.
  8. Linear interpolation of positions, cannot properly simulate linear angle interpolation. What happens is, joints will pop, and separate. This can be easily demonstrated if you animate some joints without using bones. If you don't need interpolation, why not just have Spriter export a series of PNG frames?
  9. Hi Trixt0r, If you don't want your child bones to inherit from their parents, I'm wondering why you simply don't parent them. Load your machine translated files into Spriter, then parent them within the tool?
  10. jason.a

    Spriter A4 Release!

    Terrific update! Kudos!!
  11. I know you're working vigorously on skeleton support, and it will make editing animations much much easier. However +1000 on Undo. Undo his also huge priority in my opinion. Best Regards, Jason
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