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  1. Guys, today is 14th of March. Where is next build?
  2. Is it possible in Spriter to blend animations? Say i need to implement animation from Run mode to Idle mode. This is true that arms and legs can stop in any position and they must to return to idle state. Have i wait for procedural animations?
  3. This version is awesome! But i have a question. I didnt use Spriter in action(in client code) yet, but i want to know - can i change sprite attached to bone on the fly? For example if i have a boy with hat on the head(from your tutorial) and i want to change hat sprite in my code on any other hat sprite. IS it possible?
  4. Cant wait for this build!
  5. Hi guys i red old messages (2010-2011) in this topic about bone animations. For my game i really need this feature. No offense guys but i think that bones must be â„–1 in your task list because ability to connect sprites is ultimate. Without it is very hard to make natural look animation.
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