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  1. The new site and the update both look fantastic! I can't wait 'till I actually have time to start playing with this more! =D
  2. Not sure what Kinsman's first suggestion meant, but it got me wondering how useful the ability to toggle between "seconds" and "frames" in the timeline would be.
  3. Ah, I misunderstood. haha... ^^;;
  4. Eh, to be honest, I like the toggle-ability of it. It's easier to see and select individual sprites if one sprite doesn't take up half the window. That's just me, though. Maybe an "expand/collapse all" option would be helpful instead?
  5. I think I would recommend keeping the original download link, and adding this as a version next to it, since this version is unstable. That being said, I've run into two crashes so far. One is less consistent, and it occurs when I pull open the dropdown menu in the Sprites in Frame window and click one of the options. Sometimes it crashes. The second one is kind of silly, but if I open the program and try to save without first opening or starting a project (so, on the blank welcome screen) it will save, but trying to open that save crashes the program. Disable saving unless you've actually got a project open.
  6. So, I'm not sure if the export window is a temporary thing, or what... But I'm finding it very clunky and unintuitive. I have more details and screenshots at the end of my blog post, but basically, I would suggest, if possible, to merge the export window with the actual canvas so that you can toggle the bounding box at any time while editing, and change the size of the bounding box using the same kind of transform controls as the sprite transform controls (minus rotation, of course). I'm using the beta that you have linked on your site, so I'm not sure if there's a more updated version that's better than this... Other than the exporter, I really like this product!
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