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  1. Wow, amazing! Really dig your style. Glad your share your work on this level. Learned a lot from your first set. Thank you again for that. On what resolution du you work on the charakter parts? As we have not yet finalized the resolution options for our game I am a bit unsure how big i should make it. :/
  2. Just downloaded your samplefile and I am analysing the hell out of it! :D Thank you!
  3. I am testing the free version of the software at moment as we like to use it in our new game. One of our Teammembers allradey bought the Full Version. If we decide spriter as our main animation tool i will buy it too, - or our company, it depends. have not read every psot so maybe there is stuff already mentioned. There are a few thingsa i really miss when I use spriter. 1. Double click renaming of groups and layers and stuff - like working in cunstruct2 or gimp... it drives me nuts 2. keyframe highlighting - wich keyframe is active shown with a colour highlighting. - needed for next wish :) 3. multiple keyframe selection and editing - copy, paste, transforming 4. faster zooming in the timeline. 5. buttons fo new animation and new group!!! 6. is ther a pissibility to kitbash two finished animaitons together? - if not i think i would like it... but all this makes the software more complicated and i dont know.... may be it is best to stay simple.... regardless of what i said amazing piece of work! best wishes Alban
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