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  1. Working on my plug-in, and I need an example with bones. Sure I could make one, but I haven't had much luck with the last released version. Is there a BM provided example?
  2. How do I rename images? I tried it, but it wouldn't pop up the rename box. Also, renaming in the bone hierarchy doesn't appear to work either (at least I don't know how). I am on Mac version.
  3. Allow arbitrary tags for nodes. So if my character has two feet, each foot can have a unique name. Heaven forbid I make an octopus... or a centipede!
  4. Bugs I have found in 5 minutes with the Windows version (09/18/12 daily build): -- grabbing to drag a node is hit and miss. I can click in the middle of the node, and get about 25% success rate moving the node. Isnt this a basic functionality? -- changing the run time from default 1000ms results in a hash mark each ms... so for 480ms length, we get 480 hash marks. Does not happen on Mac version. -- still no numbers on the time line. Tired of trying to count the hundreds of hash marks. Completely unusable without numbers. -- moving an object (rearrange z order) in the "Objects in Frame" window resets scale to 1.000 on both axis. Basic functionality not working. -- cant grab the anchor point and move it. hover over the anchor point, the circle expands, but clicking does nothing. Basic functionality not working. -- cant grab the rotation arm and rotate the node. Another basic functionality that just doesnt work. -- nothing works... I scaled a node via the properties box, and then moved it (again via property box because I cant click and drag). it then reset the scale to 1.0, but left the node scaled down. Putting it back to 0.5 scaled the node down even further. So... how are bones coming again? Might I humbly suggest fixing the basic functionality before adding new features.
  5. So is today tomorrow, or is Monday tomorrow? Will the new version allow for building/saving/exporting useable files?
  6. I am putting this as a bug because... well because it defies logic, and as such it is a bug. When keyframing an animation (in other environments), there is typically a setting for speed... so 24fps, 30fps, 60fps, etc. With Spriter (so far), if I want to change animation speed, I have to reposition each frame on an unmarked scale... which means i have to get out the bifocals and count the hash marks vs. reading the numbers (that arent there). I know it is alpha, but that's pretty much floor level stuff. I get the feel you want the interface to be number-free, but that just isnt reasonable.
  7. I had the z-order crash as well. One thing I would like to see changed from a useability perspective is the "nub" that you grab to rotate... it is too small. I like what you did with the pivot point, where when you mouse over, it expands to give you a) more grab area and b) area to grab without grabbing the scale controls on the corner. I'd like to see something similar on the rotate control, but a minimum make the nub larger.
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