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  1. I've noticed in the current file format Spriter attempts to reuse frames. Instead of each frame being unique, animations and even frames within an animation are linked (reference the same frame in the XML). I'm not sure if it's changing or not, but I'd really like to get rid of this, and make frame copies true copies. Multiple times today I have had to fix animations I didn't even edit because a frame was linked and Spriter failed to create a new instance of the frame on edit. It might make the file a little more compact, but the risk of breaking an animation without knowing you were editing it is not worth the few bytes it will save.
  2. Update: We have some gameplay video We are attempting to use Spriter for our XNA game Captain Dubstep - http://www.captaindubstep.net/ I say attempting because it's still beta and we may have to drop it for this game. There is already a few times where I edited the XML files by hand to correct issues and there isn't great support for pixel art yet. So far though, it looks like we'll be able to use Spriter for most characters.
  3. Using Beta R5, frames are getting "linked" where changes in one affect changes in another. It looks to be related to copying a frame, pasting it, then editing the new or original frame changes both. This is happening with frames in between the original and copy.
  4. Thanks for the info. To anyone reading this I was able to "hack" out much of the AA effects by manually editing the XML data so that all the hot points were not between pixels and then setting all of the sprites manually in the editor so none were between pixels. Mike
  5. One more - from the "sprites in frame" window set the x/y of the rotation point. Handy when two parts need to share the same point
  6. Long thread, so apologies if this has been suggested: From the "sprites in frame" menu I would like to change the values with the mouse. Not a slider like opacity, but in the style of many Adobe dialogs if I click in the text area I can then drag the number up and down. I can still type in a number if I want. This would be very useful for animating parts not on the top level.
  7. Hello Spriters, Is there currently a way to disable anti-aliasing in the Beta of Spriter? I'm working on a sprite that's 96x96 total and the export to PNGs create quite a bit of blur even if none of the images are rotated. I'm really happy to see Spriter and I sadly missed the Kickstarter by a day but have already preordered a copy of Pro on the site. If there is a area for nighly/alpha builds I am happy to test. We (small game team, wouldn't even call us a studio yet) started a similar project and I'm happy to abandon it, use Spriter, and get back to making the game =) Last, is there a change log somewhere (or even Rss feed of updates)? I saw when I came to the forums today that the beta is now "R5" and I had "R3" and wondering what all the fixes and changes are. Thanks again! Mike
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