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  1. I have a feature request that may seem a little strange at first, but let me explain. I would really like the ability to set and lock the pivots on the individual pieces at a global level for an entire character. The reason for this is that for the atlasing package we're using (Unity and 2D Toolkit) batching will break if you do a non uniform scale on the transform of the object. It's easy enough to take the curves and apply them to the built in scale component on the sprite but the pivot point can't be set on a per object basis, it can only be set a single time in the atlas. I believe that this limitation applies to most, if not all, atlasing solutions. We've already had a few times where a pivot got moved by accident during an animation and we've had to go back in and redo chunks of it so that the character would show up correctly on import. It would be very handy to have a way to set and lock the pivots so that this can't happen by accident.
  2. We're working on Windows 7 here. Let me know if I can get you any more information.
  3. I'm finding myself unable to delete the first animation in my animation set. I can delete any of the others without issue but the first one always just sticks around. I'm able to work around this by opening the file in a text editor, manually deleting the animation and reordering the remaining animations but it's a bit of a tedious process. Some features that would be very nice to have in the future: -The ability to toggle layer visibility. -The ability to reorder your working set of animations. Really enjoying working with the tool so far. Keep up the great work.
  4. I would like to second svg support, as this is incredibly useful for cross platform development.
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