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  1. Easing functions would make the program much more complete. Easing functions makes transitions between states more controlled. For example Universal Tween Engine uses these and it is Apache 2.0 license so it could be added to your software http://code.google.com/p/java-universal-tween-engine/. I am not sure, what language you are using, but there should equivalent libraries for other languages also. There is demos in the provided link to see how the concept works. At first phase these functions could be set from menu, but I hope that eventually these could be set visually from the editor, similarly to Adobe Flash Professional.
  2. I would recommend to change the way the post are ordered in the forums, when person is not logged in. It would be better that posts that have been active recently are shown first.
  3. Dear people, I backed Spriter with 60 dollars in Kickstarter, because I was impressed with the possibilities of the project. In the reward for a pledge of this level, it was promissed: "All of the above, plus membership to the private Spriter forums, where you will have access to daily builds, and test new features the same day we begin testing them. You will be free to use these features in your own titles, including commercial titles, the moment they are available to you. This private forum will give you a direct line to feature suggestions and shaping workflow, while features are still being developed. Estimated Delivery: Apr 2012" Sorry for being impatient, but April has already passed. When do you think that this reward delivered? Best regards
  4. Libgdx is supported at the moment (to my understanding by 3rd party developer). I hope also the release file format will be supported, when new version of Spriter is published.
  5. I am quite excited about the software. So thanks for that. Some of these suggestions might be a lot to ask, but please give it a thought: -Possibility to choose pivot point numerically similarly to other properties such as x, y and angle -Copying and pasting of keyframes. -Deleting keyframes -Adjusting numerically position, rotation and other properties of multiple object at the same time -Lock layers from editing -Hide layers temporary -Related to motion tweening: Motion along path. The path could be set up by drawing curves with bezier handles -Export to video file. This could be useful for example for youtube. This would require setting of camera frame in the software though. Then some bug reports: -copying an image and pasting it to the same scene within the software works in an odd way. It seem that the pasted image stays only in the keyframe that it was pasted to. -I cannot choose frame number 1 from the slider at the bottom, it snaps to frame number 0. Probably would be better to have also numerical way to change the frame number. In fact, I would prefer that almost everything could be changed numerically.
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