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  1. I've poked a bit at the newest release, and have a few thoughts and questions. 1. Boxes and points. You can create boxes and points now, but you can't really do anything with them. I see no properties for them, and I saw no box/point specific conditions/actions for the SCML C2 object. So I'm guessing the feature isn't fully ready, or have I missed something? In any case, hoping to see the ability to add properties to them and change the colors of them so that you can easily distinguish between boxes for different purposes, both in actual use and in the Spriter environment. 2. The Skin feature. This is an interesting (and powerful) feature, but as it stands it's somewhat convoluted and, as expected, a bit buggy. - For me, dunno if other people experience this, sometimes when I select a vertex the image shifts and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the vertex follows but the image is unaffected, and when you let go nothing happens and the vertex returns to it's original position. - The skin mode is confusing to me. It seems the only real difference between regular and skin mode is that skin mode allows you to select more than one vertex, and this seems completely backwards to me. For something called skin mode I would expect the image to be unaffected by the changes I make to the vertices so that I can line them up the way I want and then manipulate them in regular mode to create animations with the feature. In the video explaining this moving the vertices around without affecting the image seems to work, but for me it seems almost random what's going to happen when I change the vertices. Creating more sections for more control is good but absurdly limited, which I'm aware could be a result of the feature being in its early stages, but will comment on it still. - Only being able to create sections from one side seems odd, something I expect will change (especially considering you can't add sections vertically). - Adding a section is done by dragging it out, but what if you want/need more precision and want it to be exactly in the middle of the texture? - Removing a section deselects everything for no reason.
  2. Any ETA on the release of B6? You teased it over a month ago now.
  3. Seems to me that you could do this with some clever use of the coming sound effect trigger feature.
  4. Awesome! Been looking forward to the collision box feature to get implemented. The other features look really good too. Had a thought. Will we be able to rig deformations to bones? That would be sick.
  5. I'm not sure I can explain it more succinctly than I already have, but I will try. The way I would prefer it to work (which could be completely optional so that people who do not want that doesn't have to use it) would be to allow the user to work out the pose for part of an animation, place the keys after it's worked out and iterate the animation that way. (think this: A pose to B pose cycle. A>B, A>a1>B>b1, etc.) When the user is happy with a pose clicking either key all or key selected will put keys at that spot in the timeline. Then the user can start going into detail and trying out variations of the animation without creating a whole mess of new keyframes in the process. When the program is constantly putting down keys I feel like I'm working against the program more than I am with it. Let's use another program I use to compare. GraphicsGale. GraphicsGale is a pixelart program with animation functionality. There's no tweening, nor anything else than the frames I decide to put in any one animation. Flash is similar, though it has tweening features and the like, in that it also does not do anything unless you place down the key first. And that's really the key point here. Sure, the program placing a key whenever you do anything works for you, but for me, it completely screws with my head. It doesn't really help that you use milliseconds either. I get that it's probably easier to work with in regards to C2 (and a lot of other engines to, probably) since C2 actually uses milliseconds internally. But, for an animator, it's overkill. I know that people have suggested stuff regarding this before, so I don't see a need to go into further detail about it.
  6. Now that B3 is out I checked it out. The Keyframe buttons are there, but the, to me, annoying habit of the program to place down a key whenever I make a change is still there, and I can't find any indication that you can turn that off. Which kinda makes the keyframe button inclusion slightly pointless, to me.
  7. Gotta say, B2 release is looking real good. Though, there're two things I'd like to ask about. First one isn't a new feature, but rather a feature that was promised in the original version of Spriter. Hitboxes. It was that feature which I really was interested in and wanted when I bought my license. Is it still a planned feature, or has it been dropped? The second thing is an optional mode for putting down keyframes. I really don't like that the program puts down a keyframe whenever I do anything. If I could have the program only put down a keyframe when I press a button in the GUI or key on the keyboard that would be great.
  8. Since Spriter stopped crashing on me after A4, I've finally moved my project to use Spriter. Here's an unfinished version of a boss I'm working on.
  9. I'd actually forgot about that forum. Downloaded the latest one and tried opening my (supposedly) broken files. It opened without issue. Weird. It still managed to crash eventually though (was deleting keyframes and I think you specifically mentioned fixing that somewhere), but at least the file didn't "break" this time.
  10. I've just had Spriter crash on me several times and each time the file I'm working on breaks. Last time it happened (just now) I'd been careful. I'd saved the project as a new file at each critical step (so far I was up to three different savefiles). Soon enough it crashed again, and all of the files I had saved were broken. I can't recall the specifics of each crash (because I haven't slept and am tired) but they seem to either happen when I'm changing the order, doing something with the keyframes, or manipulating the graphical assets.
  11. I tried disabling Aero when Spriter is running and now it doesn't crash when I scrub the timeline. It has crashed once so far, but I'm not sure I can say that was for the same reason as before and would count it up to the release being, as stated, unstable, rather than the issue I was having. At least until it has happened several more times and I can reproduce it consistently, as before. In any case, turning off Aero seemed to do the trick. So that's a possible guideline for figuring out what this problem is.
  12. Hey lucid :) Well, as said I downloaded the new version and tried it out. Or at least I tried to. The program crashes for me when I try to scrub the timeline after making a keyframe. I've tried it on both my desktop and my laptop, same issue on both machines. (Desktop: Win 7 64 bit, Laptop: Win Vista 32 bit). I've tried with different compatibility modes, still crashes.
  13. Downloading immediately to mess with it :)
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